10 Jun 2021
Levels of toxic Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) air pollution have rebounded in cities around the world, Bangkok included, one year after initial Covid-19 lockdowns went into effect, a new report from Greenpeace Southeast Asia finds. 
7 Dec 2020
Five Thai companies have been identified as the top plastic polluters locally responsible for plastic pollution affecting two provinces, according to the latest brand audit report conducted by Greenpeace Thailand. 
16 Dec 2019
The Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF) and Greenpeace held a press briefing last Thursday (12 December) at the Heinrich Böll Foundation Southeast Asia office in Bangkok, in which representatives of the two organizations called for a new global convention on the plastic crisis and for a whole-cycle approach to managing plastic waste.
16 Dec 2016
Greenpeace’s 12-month long investigation exposes the activities of Thailand’s rogue overseas fishing fleets, the companies behind them and their supply chain connections to export markets including Australia, the US and Europe.
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