3 Dec 2014
Given the circumstances in the south where the draconian special laws (martial law, the Emergency Decree and the Internal Security Act, all of which violate very basic human rights to different extents) have been imposed for more than ten years now (compared to just six months for the rest of the country), there is no proper and official communication channel for the non-state armed groups (NSAGs, which despite their official protests are often referred to as separatists by both the Siamese colonialists/Thai governments and Thai media).
17 Jun 2014
Dear General Prayuth,
8 Jun 2014
The media sensitivity training session was not going well. BECAUSE I SAY SO! Yes, well, perhaps we could frame that in a softer way, something a little less strident?  Or at least just not as loud. What do you mean? Well, this insistence on ‘I’ all the time.  Your people have already said that part of your PR problem is this appearance of being dictatorial, … HOW DARE YOU …
2 Jun 2014
At last, an international survey result that the nation can take some comfort from. Every time you see a survey comparing various national attributes, the score for Thailand is often disappointing.  Corruption? – persistently high, no matter whose government is in power.  Press and media freedom? – disappearing without trace.  Economic inequality? – a regional embarrassment.  English language proficiency? – don’t ask.
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