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9 Sep 2009
Malaysian NGOs' statement - On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) on 9 September 2009, we, the undersigned Malaysian non-governmental organisations, announce that we will boycott the event organised by SUHAKAM to commemorate its 10th year of existence. 


4 Sep 2009
The UN, bless ’em, has come to the conclusion that drafting international human rights agreements for countries to sign is all well and good. But the countries most likely to sign are the ones whose citizens are least likely to need their protection.
3 Sep 2009
In a migrant rights victory in Thailand, the parents of a 17 year old unregistered male Burmese work accident victim, Sai Htun, today settled their compensation claim against employers of their son at Region 5 Labour Court in Chiangmai, Northern Thailand. Two years after Sai Htun was killed on a local authority flood defence project, the 250, 000 baht (US$7, 143) settlement provides hope for over 2 million Burmese migrants currently working in dangerous workplaces in Thailand.
3 Sep 2009
The recent case against Aung San Suu Kyi by the Burmese junta is internationally well known. The case and the verdict were condemned all over the world as one more demonstration of a completely fake trial merely orchestrated to silence Burma’s opposition leader. She has already been under house arrest for two decades. Aung San Suu Kyi was charged with violating the rules relating to detention. The court sentenced her to five years of rigorous imprisonment.
3 Sep 2009
Following the 11th session of the Human Rights Council the Government of Thailand objected to the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) over it having characterized the Royal Thai Police as the top violator of human rights in that country. The government representative described remarks that the police in Thailand enjoy impunity for rights abuses as "unsubstantiated". 
1 Sep 2009
August 30, 2009 was observed as the International Day on Enforced Disappearances. It is the day on which people around the world gather to acknowledge persons who have disappeared. The causes of these disappearances are human rights violations, wars and suppression of so called ‘terrorism’ taking place in many countries. All these have caused the deaths of many people.
27 Aug 2009
As country after country abandons its use of judicial state killing, Amnesty International deeply regrets the resumption of executions in Thailand after a six-year hiatus.
20 Aug 2009
In an interview posted on the website of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of Thailand, the commission's new chairwoman, Amara Pongsapich, has effectively promised to make the national rights institution meaningless and irrelevant, other than as an obstacle to human rights.
15 Aug 2009
A group of Thai activists protested at the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok, demanding the Malaysian government release demonstrators who were arrested during a protest against the Internal Security Act (ISA), and abolish the law which gives sweeping powers to the authorities.
24 Jul 2009
So the Good Leaders of ASEAN, the same people who thought it better for them to approve the ASEAN Charter before the people of ASEAN could even see it, have agreed on an ASEAN Human Rights Body. And like all new bodies that arrive in this world, this baby comes with no teeth.
22 Jul 2009
Kasit defends commission against alleged lack of teeth   Phuket - The planned Asean human-rights commission was challenged yesterday on its ability to protect the basic rights of people in the region as it has no power to take action against violations in member countries.    
17 Jul 2009
This 42nd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) will be a milestone for the development of human rights in the region and community building in ASEAN. After 12 months of hard work, the High Level Panel (HLP), the team that was tasked to draft the Terms of Reference (TOR) on the establishment of the ASEAN human rights body (AHRB) will have their meeting tomorrow (18 July 2009) and will submit the draft to the ASEAN Foreign Ministers on the day after.


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