Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC)

14 Jun 2016
The Thai military have defended their decision to file legal complaints against human rights advocates in the restive Deep South, saying that they have to defend the honour of the country, while the embattled rights activists refuse to be cowed.
9 Jun 2016
Human Rights Watch has condemned the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) for filing a complaint against three human rights defenders in the Deep South for exposing torture by the military of Muslim Malay minority members.
9 Jun 2016
The Thai military should immediately withdraw its criminal complaints against three human rights defenders for reporting alleged torture by government security forces in southern Thailand, Human Rights Watch said today.
18 Mar 2016
After the seizure of a public hospital in the Deep South sparked outrage from both the authorities and civil groups, the Thai military said that they have to tighten control over the region amid calls from activists that they should step back for civilian protection.
10 Mar 2016
The code of omertà (silence) among mafia types is often portrayed as a form of honour among thieves.  Something like not snitching on your mates, a lesson you learned in the school playground to show you were brave, principled even, and prepared to stand up to the sadistic bullying of small-minded authoritarians called teachers.  But with all due respect to any members of the ʼNdrangheta, Cosa Nostra or Camorra who might be reading this – bollocks.
12 Feb 2016
On 11 Feb 16, the spokesperson of the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), Maj. Gen. Banpot Poonpien, revealed that regarding the torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment in the Deep South, the security agencies have been well aware of it and have taken precaution to prevent such practice and to avoid any act that would become a problem from a human rights perspective. But even though the environment in the Deep South has changed, some civil society organizations continue to resort to the same old tactic to mobilize their cause without adjusting their roles.
28 Aug 2015
The police have prevented a local conservation group from showing a documentary film on controversial petroleum concessions in the region, saying it might breach the Copyright Act.  
25 Aug 2015
A Thai court’s award of damages for the fatal torture of a Muslim detainee highlights the government’s failure to prosecute soldiers who commit grave abuses in Thailand’s troubled deep south border provinces, Human Rights Watch said today. The case is a critical test of Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha’s vow to bring justice to Thailand’s restive southern border provinces.
22 Aug 2015
The court in the restive southern Thailand ordered a security unit to provide compensation for the family of the Deep South violence victim who was tortured to death, but none of the security officers and public agencies were prosecuted. On Friday morning, 21 August 2015, the Administrative Court of the southern province of Songkhla ordered the security agency in the restive Deep South responsible for torturing Ashari Samaae to death to compensate the victim’s family with 534, 301.36 baht fund and 479,500 baht of accumulative interest.
27 Jul 2015
To the filmmaker, Latitude No. 6 is just a line on a map, that when sliced, offers some pretty shots. Pretty shots are as deep as it goes, and the truth about the conflict is just covered up with 120 minutes of cringe-worthy, cheesy fluff and cardboard dialogue. 
9 Jun 2015
“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” is a traditional English proverb.
2 Jun 2015
Thai military have summoned a village chief in Thailand’s northeast to a military base over a banner protesting against the junta’s draft constitution at an administrative meeting. According to Krungthepturakij News, military personnel from the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) of the northeastern province of Khon Kaen and police officers stormed into a provincial public administration meeting in Mueang District of Khon Kaen province at around 11 am on Tuesday.


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