2014-05-12 16:14
Likhit Dhiravegin, right, speaks to Jomquan Laophetch. Pic from YouTube.  
2014-05-11 12:40
Likhit Dhiravegin Interview - Part 2: On the orchestration of a political vacuum
2014-05-06 13:03
Mr. Suthep to “reclaim sovereign power” for “the people”
2014-04-25 16:33
Interview with the Phuketwan journalists who face charges for reporting the trafficking of Rohingya refugees
2014-04-05 07:29
Prachatai talked to Prajak Kongkirati on the anti-democratic movement and the prospects for a peaceful solution to this conflict.  
2014-02-11 18:17
Grassroots reflect on their rights to vote Construction workers, a juice seller and a housekeeper, most of them Isan people, talked about elections, the allegations about vote buying and the saying that Isan people are uneducate. 
2014-01-31 10:23
2 Victims of Hatred: Reds assaulted in Bangkok Prachatai talked to 2 red-shirts who were assaulted by alleged PDRC guards.
2014-01-13 14:28
Thailand’s Democrat Party decided to boycott the February 2 general election. This is not the first time that the party has boycotted general election. Why have the Democrats, the oldest political party in the kingdom, repeated their decision? Will the boycott lead to yet another coup d’état? Prachatai talked to Prajak Kogkirati, a political scientist from Thammasat University.
2014-01-12 14:49
Ian Hollingworth, a member of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign in Thailand, interviewed one Palestinian refugee to shed more light on the situation they face.


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