25 Dec 2017
A regional red-shirt group has decided to call off a new year party after a brief confrontation between red shirts and the police.    On 24 December 2017, police officers disrupted a new year party hosted by Western and Central red shirts. The event was held at a restaurant in Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram.
24 Aug 2017
Conceding to pressure from the authorities, the former Prime Minister has warned her supporters against coming to court tomorrow when her verdict will be announced, fearing the risk of violence by a ‘third party’.   On 24 August 2017, former PM Yingluck Shinawatra posted on her Facebook page that her supporters should stay at home when the verdict on the Rice Pledging Scheme case is read in order to avoid possible violence as the security forces have repeatedly warned.    “I recognize the concern and kindness of the people who aw
21 Jul 2017
Soldiers have visited the school of a student activist, asking him to stop criticising Prayut with threats of further intimidation.    On 21 July 2017, Sanhanutta Sartthaporn, the Secretary General of the education reform group Education for Liberation of Siam (ELS), posted on his Facebook account that he was visited by two plainclothes soldiers on Wednesday morning.   The soldiers appr
20 Apr 2017
The authorities have ordered an NGO to postpone a public seminar about the junta’s land policies, out of fear the seminar would discuss the missing 1932 Revolution plaque.   On 19 April 2017, security officers, including police, soldiers and administrative officials, visited the Seub Nakhasathien Foundation (SNF) and asked its staff to postpone a seminar, “Criticising 99-year land leases: will Thailand or someone else benefit?” The seminar was originally scheduled for 23 April.    Onyupha Sangkhaman, SNF staff,
9 Feb 2017
Thai authorities are waging a campaign to criminalize and punish dissent by targeting civil society and political activists who peacefully exercise their rights to freedom of expression and assembly, a new briefing from Amnesty International said today.   Dozens of human rights defenders, pro-democracy activists and others are currently being investigated and prosecuted under draconian laws and decrees, which are used as tools to silence critics by Thailand’s military government.   “The Thai authorities have created a fearful environment w
4 Jan 2017
The junta head has confirmed the allegation that police officers followed the former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra during her New Year holiday, saying it is normal for her to be followed.   On 3 January 2016, Yingluck posted on her Facebook page that she was closely followed by police officers and administration officials in plainclothes during a New Year trip with her family in Northern Thailand.
8 Dec 2016
The authorities have summoned or visited at least six people across the country who follow the Facebook page of an exiled academic.
12 Sep 2016
After a long absence, military officers visited two anti-junta activists at their home to ‘adjust their attitudes’. The soldiers said they will visit the house again with their superior officer.   On 10 September 2016, seven soldiers visited Payao Akhad and her son, Nattapat Akhad, at their home in Prachinburi Province. The two are political activists who have participated in various anti-junta campaigns. Soldiers asked them whether they will host any political campaigns in the near future.
22 Jul 2016
The authorities in the northern Thailand have summoned five villagers for five days of lectures after an image of them wearing t-shirts campaigning for ‘vote no’ in the August referendum was shared on social media.   On Thursday, 21 July 2016, soldiers, police officers, and local administration officials summoned five villagers of Ban Hat Pha Khan, Long District, Phrae Province in northern Thailand, for an hour-long lecture session each day for five days without filing charges.
18 Jul 2016
Following the announcement of the NCPO that the Constitutional Referendum is to be held on August 7, various groups have expressed their views on Thailand’s draft constitution. Both pro- and anti-draft groups have been running campaigns and expressing their views in public. Unfortunately, however, the NCPO has not been welcoming of the views of both groups.
14 Jul 2016
Almost 20 people in northeastern Thailand have been summoned after they participated in a red-shirt referendum watch campaign a month earlier. On Thursday, 14 July 2016, security officers including soldiers, police officers, and local administration officials in the northeastern province of Udon Thani summoned 19 people who joined a local red-shirt referendum watch campaign on 19 June, to an attitude adjustment session, a form of detention with lectures from military, at the 24th Army Circle, reported Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (
8 Jul 2016
Activists and journalists in the Deep South of Thailand have been intimidated for producing t-shirts allegedly supporting the separatist movement.


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