20 Dec 2014
Six months after Thailand’s martial law is imposed discontent stirs across diverse factions.
25 Nov 2014
Different from the anti-coup movement in May and June, the latest anti-coup wave is from frustration than reaction. The frustration mainly comes from the junta's strict censorship policy which applies equally to all groups -- even on people who originally supported the coup. 
20 Nov 2014
The military demanded an Isan environmental activist to shut down his personal Facebook and a campaigning Facebook on the controversial Pak Moon Dam and order him to report in. The activists defied, however.  
11 Nov 2014
The Asian Human Rights is gravely concerned about the resurgence of military summons of activists and human rights defenders. According to information provided by Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, 16 activists and human rights defenders (HRDs) in northeastern Thailand have been summoned to report to the local military authorities.
8 Nov 2014
At least eight activists based in the Northeast have reported to the military.
5 Nov 2014
The authority intimidated rights groups and NGOs during a conference on human rights and Constitution in Khon Kaen.   Military and police officers on Wednesday morning tried to monitor a discussion called ‘Human rights and the Constitution’ in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen in a bid to harass North East-based NGOs and activists, many of whom believed to be taking part in issuing a courageous statement, ‘No Reform Under Military Top Boots’, denouncing the military government on Sunday.  
5 Nov 2014
Human rights groups and NGOs based in Thailand’s North East denounced the legitimacy of the coup makers and the authoritarian regime of the military government, arguing that reform cannot be carried out without public participation.   Many human rights groups and environmental activists based in the North East region, such as the Human Rights and Peace Information Centre and Isan human rights media groups on Sunday, denounced the legitimacy of the junta’s cabinet led by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, the appointed National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and Nationa
20 Aug 2014
Contrary to what the junta has tried to claim, that all detainees have been very well treated while in custody, a student activist said he was threatened with enforced disappearance and being killed. The story also shows how the media saved him from detention.
11 Feb 2014
Grassroots reflect on their rights to vote Construction workers, a juice seller and a housekeeper, most of them Isan people, talked about elections, the allegations about vote buying and the saying that Isan people are uneducate. 


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