26 Nov 2014
For all its faults, Wikipedia has been a godsend to the Thai education system.  Think of the thousands and thousands of term papers and theses that have benefitted from a judicious cut-and-paste job, sometimes on a massive scale, sometimes even with proper attribution.  In this way, Wikipedia has helped to secure a ready supply of suitably trained academics to serve the plagiarism-friendly educational institutions of the country.
9 Jul 2014
  Police in northern Chiang Rai Province caught a man red-handed after he had torn up a photograph of HM the King, and charged him with lèse majesté, ASTV Manager Online reported on Wednesday.    Samak Panthe, 49, reportedly tore up a photograph of HM the King which was installed at the gate of Pasak Village in Thoeng District.   According to the report, Samak resided in the village and confessed that he himself destroyed the photo.   
26 May 2014
  The following is the statement by Gen. Prayuth Chan-cha on Monday morning after the King appointed him as the head of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). This is an unofficial translation by Prachatai.    I appreciate HM the King’s mercy. I’ll do my best after this. Getting the royal endorsement is the way in which I follow the custom which has been the practice, both in normal times and during crisis. This is an administration under the royal command and which follows the law.
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