10 Aug 2020
Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) report that a 24-year-old man in Krabi Province was visited by the police who tried to make him sign a document promising not to express any opinion about the monarchy as he had during a past protest.
21 Feb 2017
A leader of the recent protest against a coal-fired power plant has urged a high-ranking general to stage a coup against the ruling junta if it does not keep its promise to postpone the power plant project.    On 20 February 2017, ML Rungkun Kitiyakara, one of the leaders of the recent protest at Government House, posted on his Facebook page a message u
21 Feb 2017
The military has released villagers detained for protesting against the junta’s plans for a coal-fired power plant in Krabi Province.
9 Jan 2017
Two Italian tourists were arrested after a CCTV filmed them throwing four Thai national flags on the ground. The suspects begged for forgiveness, saying they were extremely drunk.     On 9 January 2017, police officers arrested Topias Gumper, 20, and Ian Gasgrazer, 18, in a guesthouse in Krabi Province. The two were accused of showing disrespect to national flags and private property, reported Thairath.
25 Sep 2015
Villagers in southern Thailand have protested against the military’s proposal to turn parts of a wetland into a battle practice ground.   According to Thairath News, about 100 villagers in Khlong Thom Tai Subdistrict, Khlong Thom District, of the southern province of Krabi at 11 am on Thursday, 24 September 2015, gathered at a wetland in the district, which they have been using as pasture and farmland, to protest the military’s plan to turn the area into a combat practice area.
30 Jun 2015
Energy experts, state officials and entrepreneurs in southern Thailand have called on the Thai authorities to scrap a plan to build a coal-fired power plant in the region, saying that the lucrative tourism industry could suffer in the long run.
4 Dec 2014
A leader of southern landless communities was shot dead after leading a campaign against a private oil palm plantation allegedly using land given to the communities. Somsuk Kohklang, a 50-year-old land rights village activist from the southern province of Krabi was shot dead on Wednesday afternoon while driving a motorcycle with his wife in an oil palm plantation in Muang District of Krabi.
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