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28 Sep 2022
4 famous pop singers have been accused under the Computer Crimes Act for altering a song to satirise the government, while in a separate case, P9D, a rapper, has been accused over a song that mentions the “institution of monarchy.” From left to right: P9D, Thanakrit Panitchwit, Pramote Pathan, Pongkool Suebsung, Pongsak Rattanapong
2 Sep 2022
Sao Nui, a citizen reporter who has already been charged with royal defamation and sedition, has been arrested again for singing a song composed by the band Faiyen during a protest on 23 August 2022.
1 Sep 2022
Anon Nampa, a lawyer and critic of the monarchy, has requested the Judicial Commission and the Chief Justice of the Criminal Court to investigate Attakarn Foocharoen, Deputy Chief Justice of the Criminal Court, whom he accuses of meddling in his court case without having any authority to do so.
5 Aug 2022
On 4 August, the South Bangkok Criminal Court granted bail for monarchy reform activists Nutthanit and Netiporn, who have been held in pre-trial detention on royal defamation charges for 94 days. Meanwhile, a traditional Thai dancer-turned-activist, has been arrested.
27 Jul 2022
A hardline royalist activist launched a legal action on Monday against an opposition party for voicing concern during a recent parliamentary debate over the indiscriminate use of the royal defamation law. 
15 Jul 2022
Police filed a fresh charge of royal defamation against a monarchy critic who took a swipe at a recent court ruling, a civil rights lawyer group said, while a politician faced a criminal complaint for referencing the political crisis in Sri Lanka. 
8 Jun 2022
On 8 June 2022, CIVICUS, an alliance for citizen participation and Asia democracy network are alarmed by the ongoing judicial harassment against youth pro-democracy activists in Thailand for exercising their rights to expression and peaceful assembly. A file photo of a rallying banner against the detention of activists and political dissidents. 
13 May 2022
In a new surge of detentions, six people are in jail in connection with the royal defamation law – five of them denied bail to contest the charges outside prison. A human rights lawyer said the move illustrates the authorities’ obsession with smothering any public criticism of the monarchy. 
13 Apr 2022
On 11 April, prosecutors indicted Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, leader of the Progressive Movement, over his video statement in January 2021 addressing the government’s Covid-19 vaccination programme that relied heavily on Siam Bioscience, a private company in which, according to Reuters, King Rama X holds all but 2 of the 48 million shares.
7 Apr 2022
Although it’s now common for royal insult defendants to be freed on bail, their freedom often comes with vague conditions like bans on joining protests that could lead to “chaos” or doing anything that “damages” the monarchy. Experts question whether these conditions may violate the rights to free expression. 
6 Apr 2022
Police have requested Nonthaburi Provincial Court to revoke the bail for activist Chinnawat Chankrachang after his Facebook post asking Princess Bajrakitiyabha’s opinion on the royal defamation law. Although the Court has rejected the request, it added bail conditions restricting his activities concerning the monarchy and even the lèse majesté law itself.
4 Apr 2022
At the 7th request, the South Bangkok Criminal Court has allowed DAAD scholarship recipient Ravisara Eksgool to travel to Germany to study for a master's degree in non-profit organisation management.


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