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29 Jun 2016
Demand the junta government to cease prosecution three women unionists and students and release all activists being detained in a prison.   According to Thursday 23 June 2016’s incident, the authorities arrested three women unionists, namely, Miss Kornchanok Thanakhun, academic committee of Textile, Garment, and Leather Workers’ Federation of Thailand (TWFT), Miss Tuenjai Waengkha and Miss Peemai Ratwongsa from Triumph International Labour Union of Thailand as well as ten student activists during dessiminating information about how to vote in the referendum for th
23 Jun 2016
Pro-democracy activists and unionists have been arrested for distributing ‘vote no’ flyers to people at an industrial estate after the authorities asked them to stop the activity.
26 Apr 2016
The Labour Court has been asked to allow the sacking of a labour activist who has won an award for promoting labour rights, for reasons of absenteeism and incompetence. The IT Forging (Thailand) Co., Ltd, an automotive manufacturer in the eastern province of Rayong, submitted a petition to the Region 2 Labour Court in Chonburi Province to request permission to fire Boonyuen Sukmai, a labour activist who was awarded the 2014 Somchai Neelapaijit Prize for his work in promoting labour rights.
26 Apr 2016
The draft constitution is a written attempt by the junta to take Thai politics and society back to the pre-Thaksin era. The draft not only aims to prevent the emergence of a Thaksin-like government, but also the emergence of Thaksin-like policies, which were tangible and ‘edible’ for the poor.
31 Mar 2016
The ambiguity and legal loopholes of the Public Assembly Act make it difficult for the labour movement to hold assemblies. Labour unionists are calling for the authorities to come up with a clear framework of practical law enforcement.   On Friday, 25 March 2016, the Confederation of Industrial Labour of Thailand, in coordination with IndustriALL Global Union, held a seminar on the 2014 Public Assembly Act and its impact on the exercise of labour rights under the 1975 Labour Relations Act.
8 Oct 2015
When 78 workers at Georgie & Lou, most of whom are older women returned to work on September 8, 2015, after having been suspended without being paid, they were not allowed to enter the factory and instead were met by an announcement stating that “presently this establishment is run by Sanook Garment Ltd.”   Georgie & Lou located in Sankamphang, Chiang Mai, Thailand, has preceded goods for Pure & Co under brands: Neon Buddha and Pure Handknit, since 2006 for Mr. Sebastien Sirois, a Canadian businessman who is the real owner of Georgie & Lou Ltd.
22 Jun 2015
Only about 600,000 employees out of 37 million people employed in Thailand, or about 1.6 per cent of Thai employees, are union members, a survey shows.    According to statistics released by the Labour Relations Bureau, Ministry of Labour, as of January 2015, 432,356 out of 616,169 private sector employees are members of labour unions, which amounts to 70 per cent.
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