16 Dec 2020
After eight years, civil society worldwide demands the government establish and reveal Sombath’s fate and whereabouts. Collated photo of Sombath Somphone.
23 Jan 2019
(New York) – The Lao government should urgently investigate the disappearance of three Thai political activists who were last seen in the capital, Vientiane, in December 2018, Human Rights Watch said today. On January 22, 2019, Thai authorities told Human Rights Watch that DNA samples from the bodies found in the Mekong River matched two of the missing activists, Phu Chana and Kasalong. Related:
25 Jul 2018
Statement of Thai CSOs demanding for greater responsibility of Thai investors in their investments abroad
18 Nov 2015
On November 16, HRH Princess Sirindhorn visited the 2015 CRMA Exhibition at the spiritual heart of the Thai military - Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy. For those who have never been to the academy, it was founded in 1887 in Nakhon Nayok in the Fifth Reign and is a living testimony to HRH King Chulalongkorn the Great (Rama V), with various busts and statues of him dotted around the base.
15 Dec 2014
On the second anniversary of the enforced disappearance of prominent Lao civil society leader Sombath Somphone, we, the undersigned regional and international organizations, firmly condemn the Lao government’s ongoing refusal to provide any information regarding Sombath’s fate or whereabouts.   The Lao government’s deliberate silence on Sombath is part of a strategy that aims at consigning to oblivion the heinous crime of enforced disappearance.
26 Sep 2014
Can Tho - Vietnamese civil society groups gathered in preparation for an upcoming official public consultation about the Don Sahong dam in Lao.
24 Sep 2014
23 September 2014   The Lao government should share all information on the investigation into the abduction of Sombath Somphone with family members and independent parties, ending its deceptive game of hiding behind national sovereignty to excuse it from engaging in a sincere conversation regarding the investigation into his disappearance, Southeast Asian lawmakers said today.   “The Lao authorities have erected a brick wall of silence on this investigation, so much so that the only intelligent conclusion is that
5 Jun 2013
A group of Australian scholars has sent a letter to the Australian Government to voice their concerns about the Lao activist who has disappeared since December last year and call on the government, as a major aid donor to the Lao PDR, to act on the matter.
13 Jan 2013
This ASEAN Economic Community cannot come a moment too soon.  If nothing else, it will give Thailand a chance to learn how to do things properly from the more advanced countries in ASEAN.  Like Lao.
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