lese majeste

21 Mar 2014
Aum Neko, a transgender student at Thammasat University who last year stirred a debate about compulsory student uniforms, is to be summoned next week by the police over a lèse majesté charge. 
12 Mar 2014
The Criminal Court on Tuesday began hearing the case of a 65-year-old woman who stepped on a picture of HM the King in July 2012 and was prosecuted for violating the lèse majesté law.    Thitinan (last name withheld due to privacy concerns) was accused of defaming HM the King by allegedly stepping on the King’s picture during a pro-establishment rally in front of the Constitutional Court in July 13, 2012.
5 Mar 2014
The Appeal Court on Wednesday sentenced Katha P., a former stockbroker, to two years and eight months in jail for posting rumours about HM the King’s state of health which, the court said, led to a sharp fall in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in 2009.
22 Feb 2014
For Little Uncle Bandit Aneeya, 73-year old poor writer and 112 convict   What kind of Thai society does Uncle Bandit  Aneeya dream of coming true in even in the last stages of his life? His dream is that in a land of wisdom and justice every single person is equal.  I think this kind of dream is worth fighting for.   Yet he struggles, harder than other people his age.  He has overcome difficulties and troubles since he was a child.
17 Feb 2014
  Thai Supreme Court on Monday found Bandid Aneeya guilty for his writing and a speech but sentenced him to suspended jail terms because he is suffering mental illness. 
16 Feb 2014
  A Thai court has ordered the trial on a lèse majesté case involving a book about the mysterious death of King Rama VIII to be held in camera.  The defendant, which only sold the book, faces maximum jail term of 15 years.
12 Feb 2014
Somsak Jeamteerasakul, a history lecturer from Thammasat University and outspoken critic of the Thai monarchy, said unknown assailants shot at his house and car with rubber and live bullets on Wednesday noon.
30 Jan 2014
Saudi Arabian lèse majesté convict Ibrahim A. was released from jail last week after receiving a royal pardon. He was sentenced to two years in jail for posting rumours about the king’s health on an investors’ webboard in August 2010.  He is about to be apart from his Thai wife and young son because of deportation. 
23 Jan 2014
Witch-hunts or cases of political cyber-bullying, linked to the intense polarization of Thai society, are used intensively to curtail criticism on sensitive issues, especially the monarchy and are closely linked to the lèse majesté law. This article explores online and offline political bullying, dating back to 2010.   
20 Jan 2014
Thais always seem to take things seriously when it comes to social media.  At Toptens.com's the Worst World Leaders poll, Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, recently deposed Adolf Hitler to number three on the list, with Thaksin ranked at number one and Yingluck at two. 
5 Jan 2014
Music is a powerful tool in political movements and revolutions. What if there was music which aims to push the envelope of the unutterable issue of the monarchy in Thai society under the lèse majesté law? Faiyen is an emerging pop band which transforms Thais’ private conversations about the monarchy into funny and catchy songs that people can sing and dance along to. 
16 Dec 2013
Thai police have charged an anti-establishment red-shirt supporter with lèse majesté for his coded speech at a red-shirt gathering at Rajamangala stadium on Ramkhamhaeng Road in late November.   


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