9 Jun 2015
A new documentary film on the life of a Mexican transgender and her journey to have sex reassignment surgery in Thailand is undoubtedly heart-warming to many; some, however, wonder if it is more of a PR piece to promote Thailand’s thriving plastic surgery industry.
22 May 2015
Since the coup on 22 May 2014, about a hundred pro-democracy activists have fled the country because they may end up in jails due to political charges. Aum Neko, a provocative transgender activist, fled to France after the coup and is beginning her new life. Aum tells about her long-term plan abraod and how she will continue to campaign for the Thai democracy. 
15 May 2015
LGBT activists from all walks of life point out that discrimination against LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) is still prevalent in Thailand although the Asian country promotes itself as a paradise for all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions (SOGIE).
22 Apr 2015
A famous university in Bangkok has decided to fire a transgender lecturer, saying that she behaved inappropriately in the media. Kath Khangpiboon, 28, a transgender lecturer of the Faculty of Social Administration of Thammasat University, the second oldest university in Thailand, on Tuesday night posted on her Facebook profile that the university’s administrative committee decided to fire her after she had been teaching for about 10 months.
30 Oct 2014
Following the notorious Gammy case, where a baby born with Down's syndrome to a Thai surrogate mother was abandoned by his biological Australian parents, the Thai junta is to push for a bill to outlaw commercial surrogacy. However, the bill also rules out the rights of singles and LGBT couples to have children by this technology.
22 Oct 2014
Another gender-related bill to be deliberated soon is the Gender Equality bill, which criminalizes discrimination among the sexes and genders. If passed, it will be the first Thai law to contain language mentioning homosexuals. However, gender activists have cried foul, saying that the bill still perpetuates discrimination. 
9 Oct 2014
The parliament appointed by the military junta is expected to pass the Civil Partnership Act, the first law in Thailand to recognize the existence of same-sex couples. However, the bill is widely unacceptable to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists.
21 Jun 2014
26 Nov 2013
Four women are living under the same roof, but each of them has a husband elsewhere who they are not living with.   The documentary film called “Our Marriages”, describing how LGBT minorities suffer from the conventional Chinese concept of marriage, was shown at a screening event held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre (QSNCC) on Thursday 21. 
14 Oct 2013
After a year of anticipation, many same-sex couples in Thailand are anxiously waiting for the Civil Partnership Bill to pass. A parliamentary committee and the Justice Ministry’s Department of Rights and Liberties Protection launched a campaign on 18 September 2013 to gather 10,000 signatures to support the bill, as required by the Thai Constitution to ensure public participation.
22 Jul 2013
The Asian Human Rights Commission has been following with concern news of the police targeting of gay and transgendered people in Burma, or Myanmar, and has recently obtained detailed information on a number of cases of alleged arbitrary arrest, detention and torture of persons on the grounds of sexual orientation. The AHRC is troubled both by the manner in which this minority group appears to have been deliberately targeted by the police, and by the implications of these police abuses not only for the rights of minorities in democratizing Burma, but also for the rights of all people living there.
2 Jul 2013
The reception held at the US Ambassador’s Residence on June 26 to honour Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month fully supported LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. During the reception, Mr. Danai Linjongrat, Director of the Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand, told Prachatai that Thailand doesn’t have to be in a hurry to the goal of legalizing same-sex marriage.


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