27 Aug 2014
  A Military Court in Chiang Rai Province early this week sentenced seven anti-coup protesters to six months in jail and a fine of 10,000 baht, but since the defendants pleaded guilty, the sentences were halved and the jail terms suspended for one year.    On Monday and Tuesday, the Military Court delivered verdicts in two cases.
14 Aug 2014
  A military court in Northern Chiang Rai Province on Thursday sentenced an anti-coup protester to three months in jail and fine of 5,000 baht, with the jail term suspended for one year.
12 Jun 2014
  An anti-coup protester was detained for seven days and charged with defying the junta, while seven other anti-coup protesters will be tried in a military court.    The police in Chiang Rai Province on June 9 accused Sarawut Kulomturapoj of protesting against the junta and disseminating anti-military messages on the Internet.   The military in northern Chiang Rai Province raided his house on May 31, but he was not home. Sarawut then reported to the military on June 1.
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