Ministry of Education

4 Aug 2015
A network of Thai university students has submitted a statement to the Education Ministry to call for an end to hierarchy and the abuse of human rights during university hazing rituals. Students from the Network for Hazing Reform for Human Rights on Monday, 3 August 2015, submitted a statement to the Ministry of Education to state the group’s stand against the notorious SOTUS system found in many of Thailand’s universities.
13 Jan 2015
Thai Ministry of Culture aims to promote the junta’s controversial 12 nationalistic Thai values by publishing books of fables.
23 Oct 2014
After a group of students launched a campaign against the coup makers’ controversial nationalistic 12 Thai Values, which have been imposed on the curriculum, the military has intimidated a Grade 11 student in a bid to stop her from challenging the regime. The Education Minister also thinks the students might be abnormal. The junta reportedly called the director of the school to ask about the student activist in order to pressure the school, while the student activist insisted on carrying on with her activities for academic freedom
3 Sep 2014
Two months after the coup d’état in May, the Thai junta vowed to reform the Thai education system, which is one of the worst in the region. But instead of paying attention to structural problems, the junta’s policy for the Ministry of Education aims to focus on indefinable ‘merit’ and more nationalistic history classes.
28 Jul 2014
Permanent Secretary and Acting Minister of Education Suthasri Wongsamarn has announced plans to introduce ‘good deeds passports’ for all Thai students to encourage ‘goodness and ethics’ among the nation’s youth.  Students are to keep daily records of their good deeds and these will be signed off by the schools’ directors.  (It is well known that school directors have oodles of free time because administrative paper-shuffling in the nation’s schools is virtually non-existent; I can’t think what they get up to all day.)


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