Ministry of Energy

20 Jun 2019
The Ministry of Energy’s Power Development Plan (PDP) claims it will ensure Thailand’s energy security into the future. The national electricity output will apparently surge by 67% to reach 77,221 MW by 2037, with 37% (20,766 MW) coming from renewable energy. Source: EGAT overview 2018
2 Feb 2017
Co-leaders of the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), an anti-election movement, will pay nearly 96 million baht in compensation for damage caused during unrest in 2014.   On 31 January 2017, the Civil Court of Justice ruled that five leaders of the PDRC were guilty of trespassing on the offices of both the Ministry of Energy and the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT), during the movement’s ‘Bangkok Shutdown’ in 2014.
18 Nov 2016
An association against global warming has filed a lawsuit against five Thai government entities over plans to build more coal-fired power plants.
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