2 Aug 2022
The opening shot of the now-viral commercial shows homes submerged by a flood, a familiar sight in Thailand’s news coverage of flood-prone regions. A man and a boy are seen stranded on one of the houses as the rain pours down all around them.
27 Jul 2022
Although wearing black is not a crime in Thailand, a meeting chaired by the Police Chief on 26 July called on police around the country to monitor a movement to wear black on 28 July to mark the birthday celebrations of King Vajiralongkorn.
17 May 2022
A talk with Thep Boontanondha, author of “The King’s Soldiers and the Fostering of Faith and Loyalty” in an attempt to see how the Thai armed forces have been imbued with monarchism. As the influence of the monarchy ebbs and flows, the practice lives on, affecting the political landscape even after the fall of the absolute monarchy.
10 May 2022
The online shopping app LAZADA has become the target of a boycott by the Thai authorities and netizens in protest against their online sales campaign that has been seen as mocking the disabled, with royalists also angry that it somehow defames the monarchy.
5 Apr 2022
A failed April Fool’s Day prank has shaken Thai Vietjet Airline after they posted a joke promotion of a new route from Nan Province to Munich starting at 1,010 baht, which some royalists found offensive to the monarchy. A deleted Thai Vietjet's tweet
1 Apr 2022
According to a Cabinet resolution on 15 March on the 2023 annual budget, the Ministry of Defence has proposed a budget of 197,292.7 million baht, 2 per cent lower than the 2022 budget of 201,166.4 million baht. The Royal Offices under the King have also proposed a budget cut of 1.71 per cent. Some other budgets related to the monarchy generally either remain the same or increase.
30 Mar 2022
The Election Commission (EC) has summoned Move Forward Party MPs to explain their comments during the parliamentary debate on the 2022 budget relating to the monarchy. This follows a petition filed by a then-member of the ruling party on the grounds that they were an affront to the Kingdom’s democratic regime.
29 Mar 2022
Samut Prakan Provincial Court has dismissed a lèse majesté charge against an internet user posting a comment about the late King Rama IX in a Facebook group, on the grounds that the law protects only the current monarch; instead the court imposed a jail sentence for uploading false information, a charge that was not part of the initial indictment.
26 Mar 2022
Individuals accused of insulting the monarchy are paying astronomical sums of money – sometimes in the millions of baht – to secure their freedom while their cases are ongoing, a practice that one law scholar said could amount to violating the constitutional right to a fair trial.
25 Mar 2022
“Nation, religion, and king” -  a slogan that seems almost spiritual and sacred to Thai nationalists.  Why?  I don’t think I am alone in believing that, even as we debate political topics, we feel that certain things - like our national religion and our royal institution - cannot be forgotten. Why exactly is difficult to explain. 
28 Jan 2022
On 26 January 2022, the Royal Gazette published a second Royal Decree Organising Governmental Affairs and Personnel Administration for Royal Service, amending Section 7 and Section 9 of the previous Decree by adding and removing organisations that personally serve the monarchy.
29 Dec 2021
Thai authorities should immediately release lèse-majesté detainee Anchan Preelerd, the United Nations (UN) Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) urged.


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