17 Dec 2014
Jom Petpradab, a self-exiled journalist, who was accused of spreading the rumour about the Thai King’s health which caused the Thai stock market to plunge, revealed that the rumour may have come from his report citing an anonymous source in the palace.
8 Aug 2014
  Khaosod English Buddhist monk and former anti-government activist Buddha Issara has filed criminal charges against two men responsible for an anti-royal video.    Buddha Issara was accompanied by a dozen supporters when he met with police officers at the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok today and urged them to take legal action against the men in the video.   In the video clip, posted on Youtube on 1 August, two unidentified men in suits say they are members of the "Thai Allia
21 May 2014
  The Thai Criminal Court found Thitinan K. guilty of lèse majesté and sentenced her to one year in jail, but suspended the jail term for three years because the defendant suffered from mental illness. 
20 Oct 2013
The Ad Hoc Parliamentary Committee on Law Enforcement and Measures for Protecting the Monarchy on Friday summoned all five organizations who sponsored the publishing of the book “Yamyuk Rooksamai” (Repeating the Era, Advancing the Generations) which was distributed free of charge to those attending Oct 14 commemoration week at Thammasat University at Tha Pra Chan. 
12 Jun 2013
While things appear calm on the surface, one revealing fact about the ongoing debate about the role of the monarchy surfaced last week when online newspaper reported that Army Ranger Unit 45's Special Task Force had been busy engaging in cyber 'warfare'.
7 Jun 2013
Rangers Task Force 45, in response to Army policy, has put its troops to the task of promoting and protecting the monarchy in cyber space, claiming to have posted 1.69 million comments on webboards and social media during a 4-month period of last year.
17 Mar 2013
Thai PBS television channel decided to cancel the broadcast of the last programme of its talk show series discussing the issue of constitutional monarchy, after a group of about 20 ‘Thai patriots’ protested at the station on the evening of 15 March.
8 Aug 2012
The Tourism Authority of Thailand has organized a trip for a group of Thais to drive from the Altai Mountains in northwestern China to Thailand, with a mission to bring soil and rose plants to be planted in Ayutthaya in honour of HM the Queen’s 80th birthday this month.
14 May 2012
Years of mainstream mass media self-censorship on any information and news critical about the Thai monarchy and their incessant supply of mostly one-sided and positive-only information about the royal institution is unlikely to change anytime soon since there’s no outrage or even public introspection by major media associations and corporations.
24 Apr 2012
Many ultra-royalists whom I engaged with over the course of many months of twitter exchanges and debates tend to think that something must be wrong with Thais who are against the lese majeste law.
17 Apr 2012
The just-released book in Thai language on the impact of the controversial and draconian lese majeste law on Thai society entitled ‘Darkness Under the Sun’ (ความมืดกลางแสงแดด) by writers and independent journalists Vorapoj Panphong and Thiti Meetaem reflects the Thai mainstream mass media’s failure in covering the issue of lese majeste law critically.
18 Mar 2012
David Streckfuss's presentation as part of Democracy and Crisis in Thailand conference held at Chulalongkorn University on 9 March. [courtesy of Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT)]


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