8 Apr 2011
On 5 April, Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, together with Thewin Wongwanich of the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) and well-known painter Chalermchai Khositphiphat, held a press conference on ‘Love Songs of the Land’, an event to be organized from April to August to allow people to show their loyalty to Their Majesties the King and Queen who had long worked for the good of the Thai people.   
7 Apr 2011
HRH Princess Chulabhorn has given an interview to a television programme ‘Woody Born to Talk’ on Channel 9.  Here are some excerpts from the first part of the interview which was aired on 3 April.  The second part is scheduled for next Sunday.  The host of the show is Wuthithorn Milinthajinda, or Woody.
6 Apr 2011
During his party’s seminar on Koh Samui, Deputy Prime Minister and Democrat Party Secretary-General Suthep Thaugsuban called on the people to help protect the monarchy to prevent civil war.
6 Apr 2011
The 1st Army Commander has launched a programme entitled ‘Thais Protect the Land’ to organize the people to fight threats against the monarchy.
26 Feb 2011
The parliamentary debate on the government's second-year performance report was dominated by nearly four hours of argument about whether the government had done enough to protect the monarchy, especially in the case of one particular WikiLeaks' cable.
28 Jan 2011
The Army is holding 8 activities during this year in honour of HM the King’s 84th birthday in order for the people to appreciate his genius, and to inspire them in their way of life. 
17 Dec 2010
The Ministry of Justice is inviting people to join its ‘Cyber Scout’ training programme in order to build a network of volunteers to protect the monarchy in the online world.
5 Nov 2010
In the space of less than a week, the army chief, the defence minister and the police chief have publicly declared war on "the anti-monarchist movement" by vowing to put behind bars those making defamatory remarks about and criticising the institution. The approach is simply wrong, is undemocratic and won't solve the "problem".
10 Sep 2010
The Nonthaburi Provincial Governor led police to seize copies of Red Power magazine and halt the printing presses of a company hired to print the magazine.
3 Mar 2010
‘Don’t use a coup to solve the problems of corruption. That will destroy the legitimacy of the whole justice system. It’s really a high price to pay,’ Kasian Techaphira, political science lecturer at Thammasat University, told Matichon reporters in an interview after the court ruled on the Thaksin assets case. 
6 Feb 2010
The Interior Ministry's latest decision to introduce its own cable-television channel - dubbed 'blue-shirt television' by the media for its close association with Bhum Jai Thai Party kingmaker Newin Chidchob - will further exacerbate the already tense political situation and is a reminder of how the government still thinks crude propaganda works.
30 Dec 2009
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva told police that their priority was to protect the monarchy, while Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban raised Prachatai as an example of a subversive website to be tackled.


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