30 Mar 2020
Cartoon by Stephff: Threat to freedom of expression
19 Mar 2020
Cartoon by Stephff: Uselessness detector
19 Mar 2020
ThisAble.Me and Prachatai talks to people who were injured and disabled in a political demonstration in a new documentary "Wound, Disability, and Crackdown on protests in Thailand." 
18 Mar 2020
A new interview series about trade unions and workers' organizations in six sectors, from domestic work to university, hospital, textile, and banks. 
14 Mar 2020
Humans of Muang Phia, a documentary by the New Isan Movement and Prachatai, tells the story of the Hak Ban Koet group's fight against the Mitr Phol sugar factory and biomass power plant project and for their right to take part in making decisions about what happens in their hometown. 
14 Mar 2020
Wound of the Soul, a documentary by The Pen, tells the story of the effects of national security laws, such as martial law, emergency decree, and the National Security Act, on those who live in the Deep South. 
13 Mar 2020
"Talk for Freedom," a new documentary by iLaw and Prachatai, tells the story of Mafang and Pai Dao Din, two of the participants in the Talk for Freedom public forum on the draft of the 2017 constitution in Khon Kaen. 
13 Mar 2020
A new documentary from 1448 For All and Prachatai about LGBT families and the road towards marriage equality
13 Mar 2020
Cartoon by Stephff: Rebellion of Thailand's younger generation  
29 Feb 2020
Cartoon by Stephff: Nine rats  
28 Feb 2020
Cartoon by Stephff: Rise of the new generation  
27 Feb 2020
Photo by Kotcharak Kaewsurach On 24 February, a student demonstration took place at in front of the main auditorium at Kasetsart University, where both students and members of the public gather to listen speeches and write on a banner.  The demonstration began at around 17:30 and is joined by both students and members of the public. 


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