4 Feb 2021
Composed and re-arranged, with the music video by the Filmmakers for Liberation, the song refers to the situation in Thailand where freedom of expression is suppressed  by ‘You Know Who’ in the classroom and traditional brainwashing. The one who you know, no one says his name directlyIs there only me who does not understand this sort of thing? I may be damned into my grave,but if it removes the chains that bind people, then would it be worth trying?
1 Aug 2020
While members of idol girl groups such as BNK48 are seen as products and are expected to be voices for the society, they neither see themselves as objectified nor obligated to advocate for social issues, but they have to adapt to a mixture of Thai and Japanese idol cultures. Idol insiders also explain the business model and its origins.
5 Jan 2014
Music is a powerful tool in political movements and revolutions. What if there was music which aims to push the envelope of the unutterable issue of the monarchy in Thai society under the lèse majesté law? Faiyen is an emerging pop band which transforms Thais’ private conversations about the monarchy into funny and catchy songs that people can sing and dance along to. 
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