23 Jan 2018
“... some people had stones thrown at their head, a knife pointed at their throat or a knife aimed at their belly (these are experiences that I myself had directly). Some have had piss thrown at them, and have been kicked and slapped around. Some have been beaten up to within an inch of their lives just for other people's satisfaction. They have been kicked, beaten and stomped in the face, without being raped or having their possessions taken.
2 Sep 2016
Buku FC, a football club in the Deep South with the slogan “football for peace and equality,” has created a space for women and girls to exercise and express themselves. The team is made up of Muslim women, men, and LGBT individuals. 
2 Sep 2014
Female paramilitaries in the troubled Deep South are dubbed “Iron Flowers” by the military. They are assigned to use their soft side to connect with locals. This story explores whether they are successful and what obstacles they face. 
13 Oct 2009
MANILA, Oct 13 (IPS) - For Father Eduardo Vasquez, setting up 'Bahay Kalinga’ (House of Care) in the province of Maguindanao is one way of deepening his mission. The centre specifically caters to women and children who were displaced by the ongoing conflict between government troops and Muslim rebels in Mindanao, southern Philippines. He has described it as "a shelter and safe place where pregnant women and children can get medical attention."
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