Nation Channel

11 Oct 2021
The four ultraroyalist hosts from Top News who were sanctioned by pro-democracy protesters and Nation TV last year will host 7 hours a day for Channel 5, the military-owned TV channel, from 3 January 2022. Despite the controversies surrounding them, Kanok Ratwongsakul, Teera Tanyapaibul, Santisuk Marongsri, and Sathaporn Kuasakul said they would work with the Channel 5 team to present themselves with different personae, focusing on delivering impartial and accurate reports.
17 Dec 2009
The Nation Channel headlined a news report ‘Red Shirts in Lampang throw stones at a villager’s house’, while the news was actually about an incident where red shirts surrounded a villager’s house after being stoned by the villager.
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