National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)

28 Oct 2016
The application Line will cooperate with the Thai junta to suppress lèse majesté content during the period of national mourning for the late King, claims Thailand’s Digital Minister.
15 Oct 2016
Thailand’s state communication board has asked internet service providers to set up 24/7 monitoring centres to search for “inappropriate content” across all social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Line and Twitter.    On 14 October 2016, Takorn Tantasith, secretary-general of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBCT), said that the commission has sent an order to all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Thailand.   The order asked I
16 Aug 2016
Voice TV today pulled two well-known political commentators from programs it airs for 10 days beginning today under pressure from the military regime and telecommunications regulators. An unnamed senior executive at the station offered to muzzle the two commentators to avoid harsher sanctions by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, a state agency granted special powers last month to censor the media, according to Commissioner Supinya Klangnarong. The station’s news director took to Twitter to explain the rationale.
4 Jul 2016
The Commuincation Authority of Thailand (CAT) has revoked the broadcasting licence of a red-shirt TV station for 30 days for violating the junta’s laws.
13 Jun 2016
A TV station run by a prominent red shirt leader might be shut down for breaching a junta announcement. A commissioner of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) claims that the authorities failed to shut down the station under normal laws so used the alternative of the junta announcement.
29 Feb 2016
Media experts said that the controversial draft constitution will provide the authorities with control mechanisms to keep the media at bay in the name of national security.   On Friday, 26 February 2016, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) organised a public seminar on Alternatives for Media Reform under the New Charter at the Swissôtel Le Concorde in Bangkok.
17 Sep 2015
The Thai junta ordered removal of an aerial of a local anti-establishment red shirt radio station in Isan, Thailand's Northeast.
1 May 2015
After the state broadcasting agency abruptly ordered a red-shirt TV off air on Thursday night, the station issued a statement against the order, saying that it was partial and motivated by politics.
1 May 2015
Thai authorities have issued an order to shut down immediately a TV station affiliated with the anti-establishment red shirts.   Jatuporn Prompan, one of the key leaders of the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), a red-shirt group, posted on his Facebook profile on Thursday evening that the authorities issued an order to immediately stop Peace TV, a TV station affiliated with the UDD, from being broadcast.      
30 Apr 2015
The Thai military abruptly stormed into a TV station affiliated with anti-establishment red shirts to shut down a TV programme deemed sensitive to national security.
29 Apr 2015
A media association in Thailand has claimed that the Thai authorities’ shutdown of a TV station affiliated with the anti-establishment red shirts is ‘disproportionate’ and seems partial.
28 Apr 2015
A civil society organisation for consumers has urged the Thai authorities not to pass the digital economy bills, which will give the state unprecedented control over communications and the internet, before public revision.


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