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3 Sep 2014
  BANGKOK  (3  September  2014)  --- The United Nations Human Rights Office for South   East   Asia   (OHCHR)   is  seriously  concerned  about  increasing restrictions  on  human  rights  defenders  in  exercising  their rights to peaceful assembly and expression in Thailand.   On   Tuesday,   Thai  Lawyers  for  Human  Rights,  a  local  human  rights organization,  announced the cancellation of an e
3 Sep 2014
Two months after the coup d’état in May, the Thai junta vowed to reform the Thai education system, which is one of the worst in the region. But instead of paying attention to structural problems, the junta’s policy for the Ministry of Education aims to focus on indefinable ‘merit’ and more nationalistic history classes.
1 Sep 2014
The Criminal Court on Monday found a 50-year-old man guilty of lèse majesté for uploading audio clips onto, a file-sharing website, and sentenced him to three years in jail. Since the defendant pleaded guilty, the sentence was halved and suspended for two years.    The court found Chaleaw J.
30 Aug 2014
THAILAND: Joint statement on the threats to the Wang Saphung community    30 August 2014 Protection International and the Asian Human Rights Commission are seriously concerned about the Royal Thai Army’s latest intervention in the conflict between the Wang Saphung community in Loei Province with a neighbouring gold and copper mine.
27 Aug 2014
Hard day, dear? Hmmm.  It’s been a Prime Minister day … Yes, dear, I know. You do? The suit and tie.  That’s your PM uniform.  Your peaked cap, scrambled egg and full medals is when you’re Army Chief and for Head of NCPO, if you can get away with it, it’s beret and starched fatigues.  It’s not difficult to work out. Hmmm.  Well I much prefer the fatigues.  I just don’t feel comfortable in a suit.  Politicians wear suits. 
25 Aug 2014
Khaosod English: Thailand’s military junta has repealed an order that shut down fourteen satellite TV channels shortly after the army declared nationwide martial law in May.
15 Aug 2014
The police on Friday morning arrested and charged Pornthip M. with lèse majesté for her involvement with a political play about a fictional monarch, which has deemed lèse majesté by the police.
15 Aug 2014
  The police on Thursday arrested a student activist from northeastern Khon Kaen University and charged him with lèse majesté. He was accused of taking part in a political play about a fictional monarch, deemed lèse majesté by the police.   On Friday, the court rejected his bail request. He is now detained at Bangkok Remand Prison.   The police arrested Patiwat S., 23, on campus on Thursday at 3 pm.
13 Aug 2014
It’s not listed in any of the human rights documents that the UN comes out with but let’s credit Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha with the Right to Ignorance. So they arrest this Kritsuda woman on 27 May under martial law.  After 7 days she fails to re-emerge, no one knows where she is, and then on 17 June her name appears on one of the NCPO’s ‘see me in my office tomorrow morning or else’ lists.  This was a bit perplexing since as far as anyone knew, she was still in the custody of the military.  How can you report to them when they’re holding you incommunicado? 
7 Aug 2014
  The Thai junta will distribute 20,000 free movie tickets for Thais to celebrate Thailand’s Mother’s Day on 12 August, Than Setthakit Online reported.   This is the third free movie screening organized by the Thai authorities as part of the “Return Happiness” campaign.   Previously only the patriotic film The Legend of King Naresuan was screened for the campaign.


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