National Legislative Assembly (NLA)

4 May 2015
Thailand’s lawmakers gave a final approval on 1 May to a bill regulating public assemblies, which will create petty hindrances to public demonstrations.   According to the Nation Breaking News, the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) on Friday completed the third reading on the Public Assembly Bill.
29 Apr 2015
The student organisations of Thammasat University united forces to demand that the Thai authorities put off the university privatisation bill, saying that more public participation is needed.   The student council and organisations from various faculties of Thammasat University on Wednesday afternoon issued a joint statement to urge the junta’s National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to postpone the final reading of the bill to privatise Thammasat university. According to the initial plan, the bill will be reviewed by the NLA for the last time on 7 May.
22 Apr 2015
An independent civil society organisation urged people to call for a public referendum before the junta’s draft constitution is passed to guarantee public participation and fairness of the draft.        
16 Apr 2015
Khaosod English: The chairman of Thailand's interim parliament has expressed concern that the new charter will not pass a referendum vote if the Thai people are not properly informed about its new features. "If the people still don't understand the contents of the constitution draft in a clear manner, and if there is referendum, the draft certainly will not pass," Thianchay Kiranandana, chairman of the National Reform Council (NRC), said yesterday.
10 Mar 2015
Thailand’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Monday criticized the junta’s Public Assembly Bill as contradicting the principle of rights.  Although academics and activists have voiced criticism of the bill, it is pending the second reading, by the rubber-stamp National Legislative Assembly (NLA).
10 Mar 2015
The junta cabinet has approved a bill on religion which can be used to prosecute, with jail terms, people who propagate ‘incorrect’ versions of Buddhist doctrines or cause harm to Buddhism. The bill also posts jail terms specifically for homosexual monks.
5 Mar 2015
The many and various oversight mechanisms of the new constitution became ever more tangled over the last week with the revelation that the National Anti-Corruption Commission has initiated an investigation into alleged irregularities at the National Ethics Assembly after a petition by members of the Senate.  In turn, the Senate announced it would pursue impeachment proceedings against the National Ethics Assembly in response to a report from the National Anti-Corruption Commission looking into unethical behaviour by the ethics watchdog.
20 Feb 2015
The junta-appointed National Legislative Assembly (NLA) on Thursday approved almost unanimously a controversial amendment to the Military Court bill.    The NLA performed its duty very efficiently by finishing the second and third readings of the bill within one day.    The most controversial element of the bill is that it allows high-ranking military officers to detain anyone without a court order or judicial review for up to 84 days in case of force majeure when the authorities cannot secure a military court order to detain the
13 Feb 2015
(New York, February 13, 2015) – Thailand’s lawmakers should reject a proposed revision to the Military Court Act that would broadly empower the armed forces to detain civilians without charge for nearly three months, Human Rights Watch said today.


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