national reform

18 Jun 2015
Khaosod English: Politicians from Thailand's two rival political camps have been asked by the military junta to attend a forum on its national reform efforts this Friday. 
20 Dec 2014
12 civil society organisations based in Thailand’s Northeast have condemned the junta’s suppression of freedom of expression, stating that national reform is only a pretence to enable the junta
6 Nov 2014
A countrywide network of young activists denounced the entire coup apparatus and announced that they will not join the junta’s reform.
25 May 2011
On 18 May, Anand Panyarachun, former Prime Minister and Chair of the National Reform Committee, held a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand to discuss the work of his committee which resigned on 15 May.
27 Mar 2011
Most red shirts still oppose congress headed by Prawase and Anand despite claim of 'transcending political divide' The three-day National Reform Congress concluded yesterday with its chairman Prawase Wasi boasting that the meeting, which drew some 2,000 participants, "transcended" political division and "united" people from all walks.
22 Oct 2010
There are times when observers will be tempted to ask if Thai society is corrupt in its thinking and morally bankrupt beyond redemption. Consider the following examples: New Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha on Monday promoted dozens of Army officers who had taken part in the April-May crackdown on red shirts, which resulted in 91 deaths, even though the government appointed fact-finding panel looking into these deaths is nowhere close to providing details on the exact circumstances on each.
25 Jun 2010
At last, we have seen the full package of the Abhisit regime’s reconciliation kit, including the fact-finding committee on the May killings, the committee on constitutional amendments, and the committees on national reform by the Anand and Prawase duo. So, is this reconciliation with the 90 deaths?  Impossible.  It’s just an attempt to convince naïve people into believing that there’s reconciliation to isolate the red shirts and others who want true democracy.
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