National Reform Council (NRC)

2017-08-03 18:37
The National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) has presented the junta with its long-anticipated recommendations for developing post-coup Thailand. But iLaw, a watchdog NGO, has pointed out that much of the NRSA’s reform package was merely copied and pasted from other sources.   Several pages from the 1,342 article long report appear to have been lifted directly from previous reports written by the NRSA’s precursor, the National Reform Council (NRC).
2017-05-02 16:46
The junta’s National Reform Council (NRC) has given the green light to a controversial bill that would subject the Thai media to a licensing system.
2015-09-24 11:31
This column is not an attempt to draw parallels between General Prayut Chan-ocha and Adolf Hitler nor to compare Thailand at present with Germany post-1933; it is an attempt to understand the similarities in how the present Thai and the historical German dictatorial models began.
2015-05-05 13:05
Media and civil society organisations launched a new website to allow people to have their say in the new constitutional draft while pointing out that the state agencies responsible in drafting the new charter has failed.
2015-05-04 12:22
Politicians, labour unionists, academics, and others are urging the Thai junta to hold a public referendum on the draft constitution, pointing out that the people have the highest authority to determine the constitution.
2015-04-30 16:11
Deputy Prime Minister Visanu Krue-ngam says that only the cabinet and the junta have the authority to decide whether a public referendum on the draft constitution should be held.
2015-04-29 13:26
Thailand’s 2015 Constitution debuted last week, when the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) submitted the draft for consideration before the National Reform Council (NRC). Although it was not to be distributed to the public, the document leaked onto the internet. The draft raises several concerns, among which is the emergence of a privileged group of Thais.
2015-04-22 10:12
An independent civil society organisation urged people to call for a public referendum before the junta’s draft constitution is passed to guarantee public participation and fairness of the draft.        
2015-03-13 10:33
The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT) hosted a discussion entitled ‘The Future of Politics in Thailand’ on the evening of 12 March 2015.
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