Netiwit Chotipatpaisal

29 Oct 2015
My Declaration on My 18th Birthday: I am a conscientious objector   I am a conscientious objector; this means I will not take part in conscription or government required military service in Thailand. Military rule has dominated Thai society, not only now but also for a long time, and its power increases every year.
22 Jun 2015
As the teacher worshipping season approaches in Thailand, a group of Thai students led by renowned student activist Netiwit has proposed new ways of paying respect to teachers to replace the long-practised ceremony which glorifies the importance of hierarchy in Thai society.    Last week, the group led by Netiwit Chotipatpaisan, a student activist who advocates Thai education reform, published a short film parody of the ‘Wai Khru’ ceremony, a ceremony where students pay respect to teachers by prostrating themselves before their teachers with a bouquet of
10 Jun 2014
An exotic love letter from Netiwit Chotipatpaisal to the coup makers 
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