30 Aug 2007
(New York, August 28, 2007) - In their efforts to establish an independent state in Thailand's southern border provinces, separatist groups are killing and mutilating civilians and attacking schools, community clinics, and Buddhist temples, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today.
30 Aug 2007
The phenomenon of red or "vote no" zones in the upper North cannot help but point to the existence of the residual powers. It had the media, academics, foreign countries, the military and even some people inside the current government thinking about the former PM, exiled in a distant country. The referendum has been interpreted as the liberation of Thai Rak Thai folk from their fears. This will simply increase the tension for the next election.
28 Aug 2007
The adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948 was a noble effort to separate morality from religion thereby establishing a framework of ethics that is universal, common to all.
28 Aug 2007
On 30 August 2007, 9 AM, Action Network for Migrant Worker in Bangkok is organizing a protest program against the Provincial Decree on Migrant Workers in front of Government House in Bangkok.
26 Aug 2007
The People's Network for Election (PNET) found clear military interference in the referendum on Aug 19, on the basis of reports of 4,000 volunteers it sent to observe polling at stations in 41 provinces across the country.
25 Aug 2007
The referendum on the draft 2007 constitution was not important just as a ritual to either accept or reject the supreme national charter. There are many hidden meanings in the tense, distorted and manipulative political manoeuvring by the powers that be in the past few months. Despite that, more than ten million voters dared to come out and voice their opposition to the powers that be.
23 Aug 2007
Angkhana Neelaphaijit, chair of the Working Group on Justice for Peace, said that her group was concerned that the 4th Army had brought about 600 suspects allegedly involved in the southern unrest for vocational training for another 4 months in military camps in Ranong, Chumphon, and Surat Thani after exceeding the 30-day detention limit allowed under the Executive Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations B.E.2548 (2005).
20 Aug 2007
Map of referendum results: Green = Yes Red  = No Map of areas under martial law
20 Aug 2007
While the referendum on the draft 2007 constitution only allowed two choices "accept" or "reject", it's quite obvious that the rationale behind each person's decision will be very different. These differences can tell us a lot about Thai society today. Prachatai here presents quotes and remarks from various persons that we think provide a variety of perspectives on the current situation.
20 Aug 2007
Predictably, the military junta in Thailand has coerced, threatened, bought and cajoled part of the electorate into passing its 309-article constitution on August 19. From results to date, just over 14 million people out of the country's 45 million eligible voters crossed the box in favour of the charter. As only 25 million bothered to turn up at the poll booths, despite the saturating propaganda campaign in the weeks beforehand, this number was sufficient to carry the draft.
17 Aug 2007
The draft 2007 constitution will have half the Senate ‘selected' with overwhelming powers. The contents of the draft are self-contradictory and inconsistent in principle, in particular regarding the separation of powers. The increased rights and freedoms are rhetorical, but impractical. The focus is only on addressing the immediate problems, but will lead to new ones, said Prasit Pivavatnapanich at the forum.
14 Aug 2007
7 August 2007 The Campaign for Popular Media Reform (CPMR) and the Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) issued a joint statement demanding Thai society join to protect their own and others' freedom.


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