2 Aug 2017
Tools of the state. Political opportunists. Foes of democracy. These are all rather harsh descriptions of NGOs. But for Pinkaew Laungaramsri from Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Social Science, they are truly the roles many NGOs have played in recent Thai political history.
8 Nov 2014
At least eight activists based in the Northeast have reported to the military.
26 Jun 2010
About 100 NGO workers, activists, students and academics have signed an open letter addressed to their peers in civil society, rejecting the Reform Thailand plan being pushed by Prawase Wasi and Anand Panyarachun, and criticizing it as illegitimate and untrustworthy. According to the letter, the signatories are part of the civil society movement, including current and former NGO workers, students, academics and social activists who are seriously concerned with their fellows’ response to the call to the Reform Thailand.
25 Jun 2010
At last, we have seen the full package of the Abhisit regime’s reconciliation kit, including the fact-finding committee on the May killings, the committee on constitutional amendments, and the committees on national reform by the Anand and Prawase duo. So, is this reconciliation with the 90 deaths?  Impossible.  It’s just an attempt to convince naïve people into believing that there’s reconciliation to isolate the red shirts and others who want true democracy.
7 Dec 2009
Rumours about some activists trying to scotch a sexual harassment case reveals double standards at NGOs.
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