24 May 2011
On 22 May, Niphit Intarasombat, Minister of Culture and the Democrat Party candidate for Phatthalung, said, in response to a public call to amend the law made by a group of writers last week, that he did not see any problem with the lèse majesté law and its enforcement.
21 May 2011
On 18 May, the National Human Rights Commission’s Subcommittee on Civil and Political Rights held a discussion on the lèse majesté law, attended by academics, activists and individuals affected by the law.
22 Apr 2011
It is recognized that human beings, regardless of origin or status, should have human dignity, liberty, and equality, and show reasonableness and tolerance toward differing opinions, and that in a democratic society, the right to freedom of expression is indispensable and any restriction of this freedom must be in proportion to necessity and not of a form that conflicts with the essence of this freedom.
30 Mar 2011
On 27 Mar, immediately after the public forum held by Nitirassadorn, the group of Thammasat law lecturers, to propose amendments to the lèse majesté law, a group of activists launched a public awareness campaign to call on Thai society to open up discussion and debate about the law.
29 Mar 2011
On 27 Mar, a group of Thammasat law lecturers, called Nitirassadorn or People’s Law, proposed a set of amendments to Article 112 of the Criminal Code in a public forum which drew an audience of hundreds.
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