3 Feb 2012
The College of Politics and Governance of Mahasarakham University has refused permission to a group of students to hold a public forum to discuss Article 112 on its premises, citing concerns of possible violent conflict.
3 Feb 2012
Yesterday [1 Feb] someone posted an audio file on YouTube. The clip is cut from a call-in radio talk show called “Kid Dai Kid Dee” (English title: Talk News and Music) hosted by Mr. Veera Theeraphat. The caller asked the host about Nitirat (the group that’s been calling for amendment of Thailand’s controversial lese majeste law, or Article 112 of the Criminal Code).
3 Feb 2012
A group of Thammasat lecturers and alumni led by former Rector Charnvit Kasetsiri has sent an open letter to the University’s Rector and administrators to protest their decision to ban Nitirat’s activities and suggest that the University itself should play host to public debates on the issue.
1 Feb 2012
In pursuant to proposals by academics of the Nitirat Group and the campaign of the Committee for the Amendment of Section 112 to collect signatures of eligible voters who support the amendment of Section 112 of the Penal Code, aka “lèse majesté law” and that it has brought about extensive controversies and debate in society including those supporting and opposing the proposals. Venting different opinions is something normal in a democratic society as long as the exercise of the right is carried out peacefully and in compliance with legal procedure.
26 Jan 2012
Red Coffee shop on Sri Don Chai Road in Chiang Mai has held activities in support of Nitirat’s calls for amendments to Article 112 and the nullification of the 2006 coup’s legal effects, providing live broadcasts of the Thammasat academic group’s events in Bangkok and offering its customers a sign-up campaign to amend the lèse majesté law.
24 Jan 2012
Forever to blame the bearer of bad news as the bad news itself, those who don’t like to hear the truth, or at least a great speech about it and why it’s occasionally necessary to be told the truth, often resort to little tricks to as quickly as possible extinguish growing embers before they become searing flames burning up centuries of lies and deceit.
24 Jan 2012
Yesterday [22 Jan], the Khana Nitirat, the group of seven lecturers at Thammasat University who work to put law in the service of the people, held a public seminar on the nullifcation of the 2007 Constitution.  The Sriburapha Auditorium at Thammasat University was overflowing with people listening inside, and exchanging ideas, browsing books and doing political performance art outside.
21 Jan 2012
Nitirat’s ‘Nullification of the effects of the 2006 coup’ event, to be held this Sunday 22 January, has been moved from the Faculty of Law to the Sriburapha Auditorium at the Tha Prachan campus of Thammasat University, as the Faculty of Law was concerned that there would be a lot of people and the noise would disturb classes.  
16 Jan 2012
Although the Nitirat group uses the word ‘amendments’ to Article 112, its proposals, when looked in detail, are tantamount to abolition and a significant restructuring of the Criminal Code regarding national security, said Khamnoon Sitthisaman, ASTV Manager columnist, non-elected senator and Sondhi Limthongkul’s aide, in his column on 14 Jan.
15 Jan 2012
Matichon published its interview of Dr. Somkit Lertpaithoon on 4 January 2012. Dr. Somkit Lertpaithoon is the rector of Thammasat University who also teaches public law.  The entire interview covered several issues, mainly Kanthoop, lèse majesté law (Article 112), and the proposed constitution amendment.
15 Jan 2012
It is recognized that human beings, regardless of origin or status, should have human dignity, liberty, and equality, and show reasonableness and tolerance toward differing opinions, and that in a democratic society, the right to freedom of expression is indispensable and any restriction of this freedom must be in proportion to necessity and not of a form that conflicts with the essence of this freedom.
15 Jan 2012
Considering its public statements, it seems that the Nitirat group has called for amendments to Article 112 of the Criminal Code in order that those who ‘criticize the monarchy in good faith’ are exempted from or given lighter punishments, but this is not all that what they want, said Pol Gen Vasit Dejkunjorn in his Matichon column published on 10 Jan.


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