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2018-08-30 19:11
Thailand: Call on the Government to be sincere and transparent in the drafting process of the National Action Plan on Business & Human RightsWith Respect to the process and content
2013-10-21 17:41
Last Friday, the House Committee on the proposed Amnesty bill decided to grant amnesty for all political offenders in the last 7 years (2006 – 2013). The news shocked many political observers: Red Shirts, Yellow Shirts, and non-partisans in the present political conflict. The decision clearly contrasted what the government of Pheu Thai party has kept telling society since it pushed this bill to  parliament.
2013-08-18 14:21
Last week Thailand's National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) released a report on the "Demonstrations by the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) during 12 March–19 May 2010" on their website.    It took the NHRC three years to write the 88-page report, available only in (sloppy, ungrammatical) Thai here. But the release was a surprisingly quiet affair.
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