31 Jul 2014
It's not just through guns and tanks that the military junta, known as the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), usurps and clings to power. Two months after the coup, the Kingdom saw the use of both soft and hard power, as well as support from a large enough sector of the population that helped shore up the NCPO.
30 Jul 2014
Professor Charnvit Kasetsiri (Left) and Professor Tham Chaloemtiarana (Right)
28 Jul 2014
  “I have no regrets, at all, that I decided not to report myself to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).” Even though many people told me to reconsider, I remain firm in my original decision.   As soon as the broadcast of Announcement No. 5/2557 [2014] of the military dictatorship of the NCPO on the afternoon of Saturday, 24 May 2014, which ordered 35 individuals to report themselves, was finished, I did not hesitate.
25 Jul 2014
I'm frequently asked by my friends who are outside the conflict area of the Southern Border Provinces of Thailand or Patani on what they can do in order to help us. Those who are working for organizations specialized in aiding and social works never ask this question, as they can be part of conflict solution by performing their duties. This question is always asked by those well-wishers whose job has nothing to do with conflict solution. The well-wishes of these people are highly appreciated, but I must confess that I'm always at a loss when met by such questions.
23 Jul 2014
Thainess, viewed in different quarters as a concept, a firm quality, a pipedream and an unparalleled ego trip.
9 Jul 2014
  The rape and murder of a child on a night train is an abominable crime and the most severe punishment available must be passed on the perpetrator. However, the angry demands for the death penalty must give pause.  There are calls for mandatory sentencing. But mandatory sentencing is not an available punishment. “Mandatory” death penalty is a denial of humanity.
25 Jun 2014
unofficial translation by Nicha RakpanichmaneeOn the commemoration of June 24, 1932 revolution 
25 Jun 2014
  Article 30 of the 2007 Thai constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. The official statement of intention clarifies that this includes discrimination on the basis of gender, gender identity and sexual orientation (referred to as "sexual diversity" in the text).
24 Jun 2014
China’s tactic has been cautious and very diplomatic. Thailand and China established its diplomatic ties in 1975. Throughout the latter half of the Cold War, Thailand and China formed a loose military alignment against the advancement of Vietnamese communists in Indochina. After the end of the Cold War, bilateral relations have remained healthy thanks to the absence of territorial disputes, the firm ties between the Thai royal family and the Chinese leadership, and the well-integrated Chinese community in Thailand.
20 Jun 2014
The recent cosy-up between the Thai junta and the Chinese leadership has reflected the shift of the regional order. China is certainly on the rise. Thailand, even under civilian regimes, has been willing to bend backwards to please China. With the Americans coming out to criticise the coup, the military leaders have then switched their alliance to Beijing, at least for the time being.
11 Jun 2014
A letter written by Tharathorn Boongam-anong, 16-year-old daughter of Sombat Boongam-anong


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