22 Oct 2009
On the ground floor of the Ministry of Labour, amid campaign banners and luggage scattered around, groups of women are engaged in activities. When night falls, mosquito nets of various colours occupy the place.  These are members of the Triumph Labour Union, which has been active since 1980, and is reputedly one of the most enduring.
19 Oct 2009
Bangkok Post reporter Achara Ashayagachat focuses on how Thailand has been playing a role in Asean in the past years, particularly during the 2008/9 chairmanship, and how it is perceived domestically, regionally and internationally.  And she challenges the readiness of Asean to become a single Community.  
13 Oct 2009
The elections for Tambon (Subdistrict) Administrative Organizations (TAOs) across the country have just passed without much press coverage. Achara Rakyutitham writes about how people in a village up on a hill in the North see and deal with local politics.
19 Sep 2009
It’s 19 September, 2009. Three years after the coup - how time flies. Might some want to revel in nostalgic idealization of the past, of the complimentary-flower coup d’etat which ousted Thaksin Shinawatra? Some may at least want to look at things on a bright side and at least thank these generals for their invaluable service to ‘Thai democracy’.
10 Sep 2009
Prachatai has made several visits to Daranee Charnchoengsilpakul during her detention in the prison. Here is her life in the lockup, assembled from her own accounts.
1 Sep 2009
There she was, in a tiny undated black and white photo, slightly over an inch in height and less than an inch in width, still smiling. Daranee Charnchoengsilpakul, aka Da Torpedo, a former journalist and a supporter of ousted and convicted former premier Thaksin Shinwatra. Daranee’s posture is slightly Mona Lisa-like – which is rather bizarre, given the kind of news she found herself in.
25 Aug 2009
Historian Charnvit Kasetsiri writes about 16 Aug 1945, a very important date which should be remembered and commemorated.  However, it has been ‘made to be forgotten’, non-existent in official history textbooks of the Ministry of Education.
11 Aug 2009
A journey of a bra does not begin at the department store but in the hands of petite women who are 100% committed to their jobs. What they get in return for their love of their work comes in white envelopes.
7 Jul 2009
Kevin Hewison, professor from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, presented his paper 'Thai-Style Democracy' at the Faculty of Political Science of Chulalongkorn University on June 26, 2009.  The paper is published here in full. 
6 Jul 2009
The ASEAN charter was adopted at the 14th ASEAN Summit in November 2007 and eventually came into force in December 2008. One of ASEAN’s crucial visions is creating a single free trade area by 2015, but there are doubts that it will be implemented or achieved.
1 Jul 2009
As the target date for launching the ASEAN human rights body (AHRB) nears, civil society groups have warned depriving it of watchdog powers would erode the credibility of the regional organization.
1 Jul 2009
Malang, Indonesia - Siti, a middle-aged woman who makes her living as a home-based worker, was busy weaving a net around a shuttlecock, moving her two hands quickly and skilfully along with the other women workers at her house.


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