29 Apr 2009
Surachart Bamrungsuk, political science lecturer at Chulalongkorn University, wrote about the red shirts’ movement in his column in Matichon Weekly, Apr 24, 2009. Surachart says the crushing of the red-shirts by military force was not unexpected.  And such use of force was not the result of the collapse of the ASEAN Summit, but was due to the fact that the red shirts politically and socially pose a threat to the middle-class and the elite.
28 Apr 2009
In the present political crisis in Thailand, it is shocking that most Thai NGOs have disgraced themselves by siding with the Yellow Shirt elites or remaining silent in the face of the general attack on democracy. It is shocking because NGO activists started out by being on the side of the poor and the oppressed in society. To explain this situation, we must go beyond a simple explanation that relies on personal failings of individuals or suggestions that NGOs have “underlying bad intentions”, or that they are “agents of imperialism”.
25 Apr 2009
 "We want to complain about a missing husband. He left home to join the Red Shirts and went missing." "He went missing on the day the army broke up the mob?" "No. On the day the police summoned him."
24 Apr 2009
Following the anti-government protests, the Thai government has begun to crack down on the opposition media. Sinfah Tunsarawuth asks if the heavy-handed tactics will incite further chaos.  
16 Apr 2009
A lot of my friends and colleaques are in agreement that in order to realize the country's true democratic potential, Thailand needs a formal transition towards a truer more 'popular' form of democracy based on the needs and desires of the majority.  
15 Apr 2009
Thammasat University’s political science academic says in his article in Prachatai that he disagrees with a common saying often heard during the past couple of years of political unrest that, ‘Without bloodshed, this is not going to end,’ or, ‘There must be a bloodshed, so this will end.’
13 Apr 2009
James Hookway, The Wall Street Journal - The battle for Bangkok showed signs of subsiding Monday as Thailand's army took a firmer stand against rioting antigovernment protesters, while exiled former leader Thaksin Shinawatra backed away from his earlier call for a full-scale revolution and instead urged peaceful protests.
13 Mar 2009
David Streckfuss - Thanong Khanthong, in his “Overdrive” column in The Nation of March 6, argues that “there is nothing wrong with the lese majeste law.” The problem, he says, has more to do with enforcement: the law “has been abused by politicians, police and public prosecutors for their own political advantage.”
11 Mar 2009
To mark the fifth anniversary of the police abduction and forced disappearance in Bangkok of human rights lawyer Somchai Neelaphaijit on 12 March 2004, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is distributing a series of three extracts from the newly-released English translation of a book by his wife, Angkhana, first published in Thai to mark the same date in 2008. The book, Reading between the lines recalls her husband's efforts for justice during his own life, and her family's struggle to uncover the truth and hold the perpetrators to account after his disappearance.
10 Mar 2009
Supara Janchitfah, Bangkok Post - Subcontracted workers are often the first to be axed when costs need to be cut. It might be a cost-effective solution for investors, but it threatens many people's livelihoods.
6 Mar 2009
According to an announcement issued today on the website of Prachatai, one of the few independent and outspoken media outlets operating in Thailand, "On March 6, at 3 pm, seven police officers visited Prachatai office in Bangkok, showing a search warrant and an arrest warrant for Chiranuch Premchaiporn, Prachatai Director. She is charged with the offense according to Article 15 of the Computer Crime Act. She has refused to answer any questions, and is waiting for her lawyer."
20 Feb 2009
On the eve of its delayed annual summit, the 10-member bloc must show its policies are practical rather than rhetorical.


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