21 Jan 2008
Doctor Sa-nguan Nitayarumphong, or Doc Sa-nguan, to those that knew him well, was an entrepreneur who succeeded in making universal healthcare possible in this country. Most recently, he served a second term as Secretary General of the National Health Security Office.
15 Jan 2008
Acharn Chatri Prakitnonthakan is known for his writings on the political history of Thai architecture and are of interest to students of Thai politics and history, as well as architecture.  This paper was delivered to the 10th International Thai Studies Conference which was recently held at Thammasat University and is published with the author's kind permission
12 Jan 2008
Whilst much attention has been given to the celebration of the fortieth birthday of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), an equally important institution crucial to the building of an ASEAN community, the ASEAN Foundation, reached its tenth anniversary recently.
9 Jan 2008
Thai society is steeped in hypocrisy. We pretend to adhere to ultra conservative moral values regarding sex, marriage - and prostitution - while the actual way we live our lives is very different.
6 Jan 2008
In line with expectation about the election, it was almost unnecessary to wonder about the results that came out since the trend was visible from the constitutional referendum. At that time, if many people can remember, the north and northeast regions were so red that you could almost speak of the region as a block without being wrong. One interesting point is that even though the south was entirely green, the 3 southernmost provinces had the highest number of no votes in the south.
3 Jan 2008
Several days ago, I saw the "major motion picture" titled _The Life of Buddha_ --a Thai-made cartoon, that will doubtless define many of the assumptions about the historical Buddha for some time to come (at least within Thailand, if not beyond, as English-translation DVDs are available).
2 Jan 2008
I am not going to use this column to make any New Year wishes. New Year wishes are wishful thinking, especially if one were to wish that a new government, headed either by the People Power party or by the Democrats, would carry out the reforms so badly needed in our country to strengthen democracy, human rights and social justice; seriously combat all forms of corruption, while at the same time reducing the powers of the bureaucracy, the military and the mafia-type power brokers that patronise rural society.
30 Dec 2007
Many Thais hope that the political crisis that began at the end of 2005 and has dragged on until today can end with the parliamentary elections on 23 December 2007. These have an important role in pushing the military back to the barracks and leading the country back to a democratic system.
27 Dec 2007
First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to all Thais for the overwhelming turnout in the Sunday polls, no matter what parties you voted for. In this election, in my opinion, the economic policies of the competing parties were not so much of an issue, because almost all parties just followed those of the disbanded Thai Rak Thai Party. Rather, political reasons seemed to be the deciding factor.
24 Dec 2007
What a shame for the ‘honourable assembly of good people' to pass the Internal Security Act just three days ahead of the general elections, while protesters of the bill went back home to rest.
21 Dec 2007
Two members of our group had a chance to listen to political science and law professors giving comments about the upcoming election on the 23 December. The speeches made us feel weird as if there is something stuck in our throats.
19 Dec 2007
It should come as no surprise that Thai police are considering charges against nonviolent activists who scaled Parliament's fence December 12 to confront the 'Shameless Assembly'.


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