31 Oct 2007
Over 300 men from the three southernmost provinces have been held in army camps in Ranong, Suratthani, and Chumpon undergoing occupational training since August 2007. At least 6 of those detained were juveniles. The military publicized these training camps as capacity building and attitude adjustment programs and stressed that the detainees had enrolled voluntarily.
31 Oct 2007
Today our unelected National Legislative Assembly is scheduled to complete the second and third readings of the Public Broadcasting Bill, which may actually result in the birth of public broadcasting in Thailand.
29 Oct 2007
Someone once told me Piang Luang is waiting for us to explore. Perhaps that's true-whenever the name Piang Luang is mentioned, it brings me immense pleasure, the fresh, delightful breeze of orange-blossom.
24 Oct 2007
I really wish I could write about something constructive going on in Thai society, but here I am again, having to raise the alarm on yet another attempt to undermine our democratic rights and civil liberties.
23 Oct 2007
The journey the Pangdaeng Palaung took was long and dangerous, from their old villages in Burma's Shan state across forests, rivers and mountains before reaching the Thai border.
23 Oct 2007
There seems no light at the end of the tunnel for the Palaung. It is like their lives have been condemned to darkness, forever trapped in misery. March 26, 1998, Pangdaeng villagers were arrested for a second time.
22 Oct 2007
Tens of Thousands of Buddhist monks as well as civilians gathered in Rangoon and other provinces in Burma recently, in demonbstrations that ended with violent deaths and arrests of protestors by the military government. This is not the first time that we have heard such reports from Burma.
21 Oct 2007
"Actually, Pangdaeng has a lot more to learn about…" Sakunee "Koy" Natpoolwat talked to me one night. Perhaps true. The woman felt for the fate of Pangdaeng villagers. She has been researching on the community together with other researchers at Chiang Mai University for several years.
19 Oct 2007
It was long after the sunset behind Doi Luang Chiang Dao. Turn around, to face the eastern side, you will see. As dark as the sky blanketed over Pangdaeng
19 Oct 2007
Poverty and economic disparity are enduring problems. In 2004, there were 8.8 million poor people or 14.4% of the whole population. Average household debt was 104,571 baht per family.  The 20% of the population with the lowest income made 982 baht per person per month, and their total income was 4.54% of all income. the 20% of the population with the highest income made 11,874 baht per person per month, and their total income was 54.86% of all income. These problems need urgent solutions; otherwise they will undermine economic development and threaten national security.
18 Oct 2007
"Is doing this bad or not, friends?" This question has been familiar to Thais since the beginning of 2006 when the movement to oust Thaksin Shinawatra1 started up. The discourse of Thaksin as a bad person was repeated and emphasized until the moral conscience of those who follow politics was so jolted that it cracked open in a months-long show of force on the streets.
14 Oct 2007
Banning books must be contagious in Thailand! The Thai government has now ordered censorship of the Thai translation of Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, "à¡éÒº·ÇÔ¨Òóì¾Ãä¤ÍÁÁÔǹÔʵì" FACT readers may be forgiven for wondering what criticising the Chinese government has to do with us!


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