9 Aug 2007
"The village was founded especially to serve our main occupation, fishing, since before the dam came. Only a few people here collected things from the forest to earn extra income. Due to the hilly geography here, we could farm only along the banks of the Moon River and along the creeks.
5 Aug 2007
The reshaping of Thailand's polity by the conservatives after the Sept 19 coup is based on a fear of the election system and of an elected leadership which for the first time can "challenge" the key institutions in Thai society. Therefore, the priority is to get rid of the threat that potentially undermines "Democracy with the King as Head of State", and prevent it from happening again.
28 Jul 2007
PRACHATAI had received this letter from Thongchai Winichakul which was addressed to his human rights friends, before the human rights groups, both Thai and international, took actions to protect the UDD political rights from the incident that occurred on the night of 22 July 2007. However we at Prachatai decided to publish his letter now as we believe the contents of his letter is important in raising people's awareness and concern in protecting the rights of civil society.
28 Jul 2007
The protest rally against Gen Prem Tinsulanonda at his residence is legitimate because a) a lot of evidence points to Prem's key role in the attempts to undermine the elected government and the Constitution which led to the Sept 19 coup, b) there is also circumstantial evidence that Prem had a key role in the coup d'état.
25 Jul 2007
The 19th September 2006 coup, which overthrew the government of Thaksin Shinawat and destroyed Thai democracy along with the 1997 Constitution, has not only prolonged and intensified the Thai political crisis, it has also exposed the true nature of Thai Liberalism.
20 Jul 2007
The draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) has long been used by governments to stifle peaceful political dissent. One of the more unfortunate legacies from British times, it is still in use in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
18 Jul 2007
Now the junta, the charter writers, and all state mechanisms, as well as all their allies, are campaigning to raise an understanding about the draft Constitution 2007--well known as an elitist charter--in a bid to propagandize the people to vote for it in the upcoming referendum.
13 Jul 2007
The investigation has been carried out when the Deputy Minister being accused of receiving RM5 million corruption for releasing 3 triad leaders. However, there is no instruction from Abdullah to investigate the corruption case of Musa Hasan, the IGP when it was revealed in the internet.
4 Jul 2007
At a seminar at Thammasat University on last Sunday, I commented that if we just call on the people to vote 'no' against the CNS draft Constitution, there will be several problems consequentially.
2 Jul 2007
According to UNHCR, "Asia has not only been the main host of UNHCR's total population of concern but also by far the main source... some 8.4 million persons originating from Asia were considered by UNHCR as being in need of international protection."ii
22 Jun 2007
The 19June 2007 once again brings the celebration of Aung San Suu Kyi's birthday. On this occasion, thousands of Burmese and international human rights defenders (HRDs) are celebrating the birthday of the world's only imprisoned Nobel Laureate and discussing plans for the future of democracy in Burma.
22 Jun 2007
However, today under the military regime, the Thai middleclass ironically marginalizes themselves and refuses to seriously join hands on the struggle against the dictators. More ironically, a part of the middlesclass has fall short serving as the ideological tools in media-space where the military has controlled to legitimize its rule.


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