Pansak Srithep

2015-03-26 11:18
The military court granted bail to one of the four embattled anti-junta activists from Resistant Citizen, a pro-democracy activist group. At around 2.20 pm on Thursday, Bangkok’s military court granted 70,000 baht (2,150 USD) bail to Pansak Srithep, a pro-democracy activist and father of a boy killed by the military during the 2010 political violence. At press time, media and supporters of Pansak were waiting for Bangkok Remand Prison officers to release Pansak.
2015-03-16 17:33
The military court refused to detain the four anti-junta activists charged with violating junta’s public gathering ban after the police filed charges against them. The Bangkok’s Military Court at 6.30pm on Monday denied the custody request submitted by the military prosecutor against the four anti-junta activists, reasoning that the four came to report to the police and there is no flight risk.


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