11 Feb 2022
The Thai parliament voted yesterday (9 February 2022) to forward the marriage equality bill, proposed by Move Forward Party (MFP), to the Cabinet for consideration, delaying the bill’s first reading.
31 Jan 2020
Earlier today (31 January), the opposition filed a motion of no-confidence against 6 ministers, including prime minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, and plans to open the debate on 19 February.
18 Oct 2019
Yesterday (18 October), 70 Future Forward Party (FFP) MPs voted not to approve the Emergency Decree to transfer the control of two infantry regiments to King Vajiralongkorn, going against the rest of parliament, including their opposition allies.
3 Oct 2019
King Vajiralongkorn gains two infantry regiments by Emergency Decree, indicating an extensive round of military reform.  The government has enacted an Emergency Decree to transfer the 1st and 11th Infantry Regiments, the King’s Guard, to His Majesty’s personal control. The two regiments were previously in the military chain of command under the Royal Thai Army and the Ministry of Defence.
23 Aug 2019
On 22 August, parliament voted not to support a proposal to set up a separate Standing Committee on LGBT rights. Instead, LGBT rights will be subsumed under the Standing Committee on children, young people, women, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and ethnic groups.
26 May 2019
Chuan Leekpai, a senior member from the Democrat Party and former Prime Minister of Thailand, was elected by the House of Representatives as its Speaker on Saturday (May 25). Election of Chuan Leekpai as House Speaker shows rifts in both power blocs.
28 Nov 2013
Group of academics on Thursday called on the government to resolve the current conflict by holding referendum to amend the constitution, and dissolve the parliament, paving the way for new election. 
25 Aug 2013
The Courts of Justice are facing the quandary of a new legal tactic by defence lawyers.  Known informally as the ‘Democrat Defence’, this strategy, it is feared, may lead to an unacceptably large proportion of not guilty verdicts in criminal cases. In the ‘Democrat Defence’, criminal cases are presented in a way that absolves the direct perpetrator of any responsibility for his or her actions.  This is instead placed on some other party, often the victim. 
2 Jul 2012
7 August 2012: House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont was criticized by the opposition Democrat Party for changing the House agenda. The speaker had ruled that the debate on an aborted NASA weather research mission should be cancelled. ‘Parliament has the obligation to debate issues of national importance,’ said a Democrat MP ‘and since this matter was referred to Parliament by Cabinet, the Speaker has no right to cancel the debate.’
15 Dec 2009
The construction of Thailand’s new 12-billion baht Parliament Building is scheduled to be completed in 2012.  The design, which was chosen by a parliamentary committee from among 5 finalists, is said to represent the Thai identity.  It focuses on the concept of Buddhist morality to govern mundane politics, according to the designers. However, Chatree Prakitnonthakarn, an architecture lecturer at Silpakorn University and expert on historical architecture during the post-1932 revolution era, questioned the relevance of the idea.
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