Pauline Ngarmpring

31 Aug 2019
Palinee “Pauline” Ngarm-pring, the Mahachon Party candidate for Prime Minister and head of strategy, joined the Future Forward Party (FFP) on Wednesday (28 August), reported MCOT.
22 Mar 2019
Formerly the founder of the Cheerthai Power group and candidate for President of the Football Association of Thailand, Palinee or “Pauline” Ngarm-pring is today the head of strategy for the Mahachon Party and Thailand’s first transgender candidate for Prime Minister. Prachatai spoke to Pauline about the 2019 general election, the challenges of being a transwoman politician, LGBT rights in Thailand, and Thai politics in an era of transition.
12 Feb 2019
Palinee “Pauline” Ngarmpring announced on Friday (8 February) that she has been nominated as one of the Mahachon Party’s three candidates for Prime Minister, marking the first time in Thai history that a transgender person has run for the prime ministerial office.
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