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15 Jun 2007
Pharmaceutical company Abbott decided to sue PLWAs group Act Up-Paris in response to the April 26th, 2007 netstrike we organized against the drug manufacturer
15 Jun 2007
Following repeated threats by ministers and members of Parliamentover the past three years to control online content, the Malaysiangovernment is setting up a task force to look into applyingexisting legislation on the new media without contravening thecountry's Bill of Guarantee against Internet censorship.
14 Jun 2007
MEXICO CITY, Jun 13 (IPS) - Large developing nations like China, India and Mexico should sign a new international treaty to curb climate change which must include economic penalties to clamp down on emissions of greenhouse gases, Nobel chemistry laureate Mario Molina said Wednesday.
14 Jun 2007
WASHINGTON, Jun 13 (IPS) - The coup in Thailand, extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, limitations on religious freedom in Malaysia -- South-east Asian democracies are not exactly flourishing these days.
11 Jun 2007
At the end of May, a member of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of Thailand told the court investigating the killings that the victims were unarmed and there was no evidence that they were insurgents, as claimed by the police. The inquest will continue on 21 September 2007.
9 Jun 2007
I am glad to see Naew Na's front page story about dangerous spots in Suvannabhumi airport. Even though we realise our concern may fall on deaf ears, we still have the duty to speak out.
8 Jun 2007
Beware of news editors who write about "stakeholders." The word may be popular among the staff of international development agencies, producing clouded reports about projects that they have never seen, but it is usually avoided by journalists, who are expected to be more straightforward.
8 Jun 2007
Nearly a century after adopting its first international standard on working time, a new study by the International Labour Office estimates that one in five workers around the world - orover 600 million persons - are still working more than 48 hours a week, often merely to make ends meet.
6 Jun 2007
Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) has just downloaded the most current, official, secret blocklist from the servers at Thailand's Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and posted it to FACT's website.
5 Jun 2007
As the country is bracing for the constitution referendum, the powers that be have started to mischievously mobilize people to endorse the draft constitution which has so far failed to reflect people's opinions. Broadcasting media under the control of the army and certain televisions have been misused by the state to convey false messages that persuade people to endorse the draft 2007 constitution.
4 Jun 2007
We are writing to express our grave concern at the recent forced relocation of 91 refugees from Shan State by the Thai Army on the northern Chiang Mai border between May 25 to 30, 2007, despite the fact that these refugees were already on the Shan side of the border.
3 Jun 2007
On 30 May 2007, the Constitution Tribunal, appointed by the military council after the coup to overthrow the Thaksin's administration on 19 September 2006, decided to dissolve the Thai Rak Thai party and withdraw the voting rights of its 111 executive committee members for 5 years including former Prime Minister Thanksin Shinawatra. This decision shows the recession of democracy development and the parliamentary system since the fate of political parties, politicians, political party members and Thai citizen is defined, decided and controlled by a mechanism from the coup overthrowing the constitution.


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