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2018-01-11 12:57
Ethnic Karen of Ban Wang Kho, Tambon Tanao Si, Suan Phueng District, vulnerable to forced eviction   Government urged to heed cabinet resolution to provide restoration of the livelihoods of ethnic Karen   A fact-finding mission to Tanao Si was made on 9 January 2018 by representatives of the Cross-Cultural Foundation (CrCF) and the Karen Network for Culture and Environment.
2018-01-08 14:15
HANOI, Dec 11 – With a 90-minute live show and three short video clips of three minutes each, Nguyen Hanh, a  journalist with Vietnam Multimedia Corporation’s VTC14 television channel, contributed significantly to ensuring justice to the family of a three-year-old girl sexually assaulted by an elderly man in Hanoi.   Before, during and after producing these video clips, Ms Hanh obtained the consent of the child and her parents to broadcast these on VTC14.
2017-12-18 13:46
  Photo: Almost all the journalists at a Mar. 15 meeting on child sexual abuse with the Chairwoman of the Vietnamese Women’s Union, Nguyen Thi Thu Ha (standing), are women.
2017-12-06 13:57
Sulak Sivaraksa Accused of ‘Insulting Monarchy’ in Historical Analysis.   Thailand’s military prosecutor should drop the case against a leading scholar for “insulting the monarchy” for his analysis of a 16th-century battle, Human Rights Watch said today.
2017-11-29 14:14
The UN Human Rights Office for South-East Asia has called on the Government of Thailand to release and drop charges against all those arrested during a peaceful demonstration against the construction of a 2200 MW coal powered plant in Songkla province, in southern Thailand.
2017-11-24 15:04
Today, the ICJ and Amnesty International submitted recommendations to the Ministry of Justice that changes be made to a new law under consideration by the Cabinet, in order to bring it in line with Thailand’s international legal obligations. The submission came in response to a request by the Ministry for feedback on the Draft Prevention and Suppression of Torture and Enforced Disappearances Act (‘Draft Act’).
2017-10-11 15:07
150 scholars, scientists, writers, and activists from 60 institutions in 19 countries around the world have denounced the punishment against members of Chulalongkorn University’s Student Council who were removed for challenging the university’s tradition. Statement for supporting Chula students   We, activists, academics and human rights defenders have been following  the case of eight Chulalongkorn University students walking out to praise respect in alternative form to the royal statues of King Rama V and
2017-10-11 11:45
The Thai government should end all lèse-majesté prosecutions and amend Article 112 of the Criminal Code (lèse-majesté) to bring it in line with international law, a United Nations (UN) expert said on 6 October 2017.
2017-10-09 12:02
Thailand’s militarised state routinely ignores leading human rights NGOs and supranational organisations such as Amnesty International and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The state taps telephones, reads e-mail accounts, comes into homes, follows people, coerces and threatens the media, adjusts the intelligentsia’s attitudes, propagandises schoolchildren and students, harasses human rights defenders, and imprisons its enemies. The way to resolve this situation is through human rights and a party advocating them.
2017-10-03 17:50
Amnesty International urges US officials to press Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha to roll back restrictions on human rights during his visit to Washington DC. As Prayut’s government extends repressive measures in the lead up to elections planned for next year, it is essential that the US government is firm in its support for human rights in Thailand.


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