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2018-03-14 13:06
Tariq Ramadan’s allegations of rape and sexual assault have caught the attention of many academic communities worldwide, including in Thailand. We are writing this not with the presumption that he is either guilty or innocent, nor are we to defend him and condemn his complainants. But, we, as a network of Thai Muslim academics and the global citizens are deeply concerned with the way that the French justice has been handling this case: with a double standard of treatment and without a guarantee of fundamental human rights.
2018-03-13 13:41
Berlin, 7 March 2018 – Ahead of World Day Against Cyber Censorship on March 12th, creative agency DDB Germany and digital production company MediaMonks have created The Uncensored Playlist for Reporters Without Borders Germany (Reporter ohne Grenzen), which uses music as a loophole to share censored news stories in countries where freedom of speech is under attack.      Focusing on the cen
2018-03-12 11:53
Still no justice for Somchai Neelapaijit and countless other victims 
2018-02-27 13:58
Arbitrary Detention Without Lawyer, Review by Judge, Raises Abuse Concerns     Aiman Hadeng, chair of the Justice for Peace Network, has been detained in a military camp in T
2018-02-21 18:37
On 14 February 2018, the Internal Security Operation Command (ISOC) Region 4 filed defamation charges against human rights defender Ismaael Teh in relation to a television show in which the defender recalled the torture he experienced at the hands of Thai soldiers in 2008.   (Download Urgent Appeal)   On 5 February 2018, on the TV show “Policy by People” which is broadcast on the Thai PBS channel, Ismaael Teh described being tortured by Thai soldiers when he was a student in Yala in 2008.
2018-02-07 18:37
(Bangkok, February 6, 2018)—Thammakaset Company Limited should immediately drop criminal defamation charges against 14 migrant workers from Myanmar who alleged serious labor rights violations, and Thai authorities should decriminalize defamation, Fortify Rights said today. The trial is scheduled to commence in the Don Muang Magistrates Court in Bangkok tomorrow and is expected to last three days.
2018-01-28 11:48
Scholars at Risk (SAR) is concerned about recent human rights violations in Thailand that threaten academic freedom and the higher education sector more generally, including the prosecutions of Professors Anusorn Unno and Charnvit Kasetsiri in apparent connection with their peaceful exercise of the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association.   SAR understands that Professor Anusorn, Coordinator of the Thai Academic Network for Civil Rights and Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology at Thammasat University, has been charged with violating
2018-01-25 19:09
Amnesty International Thailand organised the 2017 Media Awards on Thursday 25th January 2018 at the Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok. The four award categories covered print media, online media, and television.    Pornpen Khongkachonkiet, Chair of Amnesty International Thailand, explained that the event was organised out of respect for the role of the media in observing human rights principles and creating human rights awareness in our society.
2018-01-19 16:12
JAKARTA, Dec 16 – One late afternoon here in the Indonesian capital, Marcella, sitting calmly in a café, asked if she was allowed to smoke. As she lit up a cigarette, the 31-year-old started recounting a harrowing experience she went through one year ago, in December 2016.   She had just left her workplace, and was struggling to find transportation to go and meet her friend during that rainy night. Suddenly, a man on a motorcycle offered her a ride.
2018-01-15 15:16
Dear Professor Bundhit Eua-arporn, Ph.D.


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