Pitch Pongsawat

21 Sep 2017
Forming political alliances, securing military influence, creating extra-parliamentary mechanisms and establishing dominant ideology are things that the ruling junta has learnt from the 2006 wasted coup, says an academic.
7 Apr 2016
Election? Another coup? People’s uprising? Where is Thailand heading? Academics have said that if the military decides to prolong its regime, a people’s uprising is inevitable. 
4 Jul 2014
  Coup makers continue to threaten academics as the Thai military has unofficially summoned Chulalongkorn political scientist Pitch Pongsawat for "adtitute adjustment" on Friday.    The talk took place on Friday morning at the military base in Sanam Pao, Bangkok.    The military on Wednesday contacted Pitch and “invited” him for a “talk.” On Friday, the military sent a van to take the academi to the military base, according to the academic.    During the three-hour talk, Pitch said on
4 Sep 2009
Kevin Hewison of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill talks to Pitch Pongsawat of Chulalongkorn University about Thaksin and his politics in Prachatai's online talk show.
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