plain-clothed military

2 Jul 2015
Thai military officers in plainclothes have visited Prachatai’s office in Bangkok to ask about Prachatai’s activities. At around 11 am on Thursday, 2 July 2015, three military officers in plain clothes from the First Infantry Regiment of Bangkok came to the Prachatai office. The plain-clothes officers spent about 20 minutes discussing Prachatai’s recent activities. The officers, however, did not enter into the office. The officers also requested contact information for Prachatai personnel and took pictures of the office and surrounding area.
14 Feb 2015
The military has helped a petroleum company bypass proper environmental impact assessment procedures and an NHRC order to halt petroleum exploration and threatened villagers opposing the exploration with martial law. About 40 armed police and military officers on Friday morning assisted Apico (Korat) Limited, a US-based oil and gas exploration company, to move oil-drilling equipment into a potential oil field called Dongmoon in Kranuan District of the northeastern province of Khon Kaen.
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