Pom Mahakan

7 May 2018
The end of the Pom Mahakan community – an almost 2-century-old settlement - reflects the ignorance of the Bangkok administration and Thai society about preserving the history of normal townsfolk, especially when the Thai-style costume trend is on the rise. I have covered the story of the Pom Mahakan community as a journalist for the past year. The community population had already shrunk from 300 to around 50 people.
24 Apr 2018
One of the oldest communities in Bangkok has declared an end to its almost 25-year-long fight against a plan to turn their homes into a public park. On 22 April 2018, Pom Mahakan residents held a “Farewell Mahakan” event to mark the end of the struggle to protect the community from the demolition plan imposed by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).
7 Mar 2017
Bangkok is pushing ahead with the demolition of the old community of Pom Mahakan to beautify the city landmark at the cost of local residents. On 6 March 2017, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) demolished four more houses in the old community of Pom Mahakan. More than 100 workers hired by the BMA were deployed to demolish the houses; soldiers were present to maintain security.
6 Oct 2016
The Deputy junta head has backed Bangkok’s plan to demolish the old community of Pom Mahakan as part of a controversial Chao Phraya River beautification plan. On 5 October 2016, Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, the deputy junta head and Defence Minister, presided as the president in the fifth meeting of a steering committee for public administration reform at the Government House, Bangkok, Matichon Online reported.
8 Sep 2016
Residents of the Pom Mahakan community have filed a petition to the PM, pleading for a multilateral steering committee to review their eviction by Bangkok authorities.    On 6 July 2016, representatives of the Pom Mahakan community submitted a petition to the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) disputing the demolition of the community, reported BBC Thai.   According to the petition, the community wants the government to
6 Sep 2016
After their confrontation with the Bangkok authorities, the residents of the old community behind Pom Mahakan have asked the city to keep its promise not to demolish more houses, maintaining that their community is also a part of Bangkok’s history. At 11 am on Tuesday, 6 September 2016, residents of the community behind Pom Mahakan, an ancient fortress opposite Ratchanatda Temple in the old town of Bangkok, told the media they fear that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) might demolish every house in the community on the coming weekend.
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